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The so-called water is immunized, that is, put the vaccine in the water, letting the chicken to drink to cause the immunization of antibodies. Drinking water immunity is a commonly used immunization method, because it saves time and effort, the immunization speed is fast, and it should be small, so I am deeply affected by the chicken farm, especially large-scale chicken farm. Drinking water immunization although it is easy to operate, there is still a lot of precautions to be ignored by Chicken Households. Xiaobian, Xiaobian, summarizes 10 points that the chicken drinking water needs attention should be paid attention to, and I hope to help the majority of raising chicken friends.

Tatloric Water Application Immunization 10 Precautions

1. Usually only high-efficiency viral weak vaccines is suitable for drinking water, such as chickens of weak poisonous seedlings, chicken infectious richest cystic disease Seedlings, new city disease, weak poisonous seedlings, bird holes, weak drug seedlings, etc. So, not any immunity is suitable for drinking water, which is usually not mistaken.

2. The immunization time is better in the morning in the sun, which helps to increase the activity of the chicken group and water. If the weather is in a dark, the amount of graphics and drinking water can be affected, and the amount of drinking water of the chicken will cause the vaccine intake.

3. Water and water, water, and Yang Chicken, need to pay attention to it. Many rural nursing chicken farms are directly used to dilute the vaccine with tap water, which is obviously wrong. Water for drinking water needs to ensure cleaning and does not contain impurities, and cannot use warm water, hot water to avoid affecting the vaccine effect.

4. Before drinking water, Yang Chicken needs to first account first. Calculation of drinking water requires a comprehensive consideration in combination with the temperature of the chicken house, the age of the chicken. The easiest way is to take 30% of the average daily drinking water in the next few days before the immune to use the amount of immunoater.

5. When drinking water, ensure a uniform drinking of the chicken.

6. Before drinking water, you must stop water for a certain period of time. Only in this way can you thirst for the chicken, in order to ensure that the vaccine can be quickly drunk by the chicken. The time of stopping water is determined according to the temperature, and the water can be stopped for about five hours below 15 degrees. The water is stopped at 25 degrees or less. The water can be stopped for about 1 hour or more.

7. Before after drinking water, Yang Chicken Households can add multidimensional to the feed to improve the effect of immunity.

8. Before and after drinking water, it is generally three days before and after.Chicken should not be sterilized with chicken. 1 day before and after drinking water, antibiotics and disinfectant components should be added in the feed and drinking water of the chicken.

9. Drinking water immunization does not use a metal container to avoid vaccine bacteria or virus inactivation.

10. Before drinking water, Yang Chicken should first isolate weak chicken, sick chicken; after drinking water, Yang Chicken households should pay attention to the immune results, if the effect does not meet the standard, it will need to be re-immunized.

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