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The chicken ball is a global distribution of parasites. Almost, wherever the chicken is, there is a chicken presence. No matter how advanced chicken equipment and management technologies, the epidemic prevention measures are rigorous, and the chicken balls are still like. There is no need to say anything behind the facilities and management. I. Causes the main reason for the broad prevalence of chicken ball insect disease 1. Direct development of chicken balls, chickens are their only host, so the epidemic of cocci is not limited by the distribution of intermediate hosts. 2, coccidial oocyst has extremely resistant, commonly used disinfectant does not have a mites oocyst, and the conventional hygiene and epidemic prevention system cannot prevent the spread of coccidial oocysts. 3. The intensive breeding of chickens has created favorable conditions for the outbreak of coccidia. Second, the hazard caused by coccidi 1, leading to a large amount of incidence and death of chickens; 2. Hold chickens only grow development; 3. Reduce feed remuneration. People are quite sufficient to understand the first harm, but there is not much understanding of the latter two aspects or not enough. In fact, the harm caused by the latter chicken production is quite serious, sometimes even as the former. These hazards are determined by coccidi biological characteristics. The types of coccidi have different pathogens, and the outbreast of coccidia depends on the chicken infected with a large amount of pallulent pyra, otherwise Chickens do not express coccidia symptoms. But if symptomatic coccidial infections are only completely harmless to chickens? the answer is negative. Because coccidi is a cell parasite, mainly parasitic in intestinal epithelial cells, intestinal tract is an important digestive absorbent organ, and the intestinal epithelial cells have suffered from coccidia, and the digestive absorption function will inevitably affected, resulting in decline in feed conversion, Breeding benefits of broiler are poor, even unprofitable. Many scholars believe that parasitic Emiel coccidi is parasitic in duodenus, which is more worthwhile to pay more attention to the Soft Emier coccidi, which is parasitic in the pathogenic pathogenic. The reason is that the duodenum is the most important digestive absorption site of animals. Callus is very headache in the aquaculture industry, I want to do everything to solve the cushi, the most important way is to use medicine and coccidia vaccine, but two waysIt is also pros and cons.

Third, the situation of drug prevention and treatment of coccidiosis is unquestionable, the use of anti-Ponctinia has played a huge role in the prevention of coccidia, long-term, the main means of chicken ball insect disease is in the feed Add anti-Ponsoon drugs for prevention. At present, although drug prevention is still the main means of controlling coccidi, it is difficult to face two major problems. One is the drug resistance of coccidia, and the frequent development of resistance often causes the prevention and treatment of coccidia to fail, and the weight has emerged in palliatery in the case of medication, causing blood and death, but more cases The continued existence of after “subclinical” coccidia is caused by the loss of production performance and the reduction of feed remuneration. The domestic anti-Piworm market is relatively confusing, the anti-Piperpass has a wide range of drug names, the quality is not uniform, and the coccidi drugs sold in the market, and the compound is flooded, and these coccidi drugs have no more than ten drugs. Sulfonamides (including three-character potato powder), Cocales and Madulalamithin, etc. have 70% market proportion, and many small and medium-sized chicken farms have blind medication, insufficient dosage or excessive medication. These will accelerate the emergence of anti-Ponsoon strains. The second is the problem of drug residue. In the consensus of food safety, with the continuous update of testing technology, people’s testing of food drugs such as meat, eggs, milk even have even achieved demanding. Production of no residual food will be the goal of the modern people in the new century, so the use of drugs has been unprecedentedly challenged. It is recommended to use Longchang Le Changcheng Eucalyptus Essential Oil, 100% Australia Imported Products, EU Feed Additive Certified Products! The main two major functions 1, for intestinal diseases: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory music, including a variety of phenolic substances, the hydrophobic component can directly act on the cell membrane, accumulate on the bacterial bilateral lipid film, and occupy fatty acids Space between the chain. This interaction causes a change in the structural conformation of the bacterial cell membrane, resulting in the liquefaction and expansion of the cell membrane, loss of film, enhancement permeability, ionized intracellular ion and content, and ultimately leads to bacterial cell death. 2 For parasites: inhibition, kill! Le Chang can significantly reduce the number of coccidial oocysts in the small intestine and the blind, significantly reduce the incidence of parasite infection. Le Chang can act directly on the cell membrane, destroy the integrity of the cell membrane, and cause the permeability of the cell membrane to change, thus hindering the absorption path of the nutrients on the membrane, so that the nutrients in the film are largely ooze, parasitesDeath death is not affordable. The article is the original article of Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. (www.lcdzs.cn), please indicate the source. Thank you

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