12 precautions to the dog feeding

u=3953827091,1065519137&fm=26&gp=0.jpg When feeding dogs: 1, use the food that is prepared by a regular manufacturer.
2, do not use corrupted or unfresh food.

3, ready to prepare a bowl of water.

    4, do not use those high-protein-containing cats.

  • 5, dog food should be placed in room temperature, do not give them food just taken from the refrigerator.
  • 6, to handle the unbuffed can food or changed food, don’t pity these small money, otherwise it is worse if it is suffering from a non-fresh food. .
  • 7, throw away those dry foods that eat left, do not save in the dog’s cattle, so it is easy to seduce bacteria and bugs.

  • 8, pay attention to your dog’s weight, don’t let it be fat.
  • 9, do not feed dog with a hard sharp bone.

  • 10, if your dog does not eat 24 hours, it is obviously sick, and immediately go immediately.

  • 11, with the same Pelvis: Several dogs in the same family may be willing to eat in the same field, but you still best possed pelvic feeding.
  • 12, over-obesity: If your dog is overwhelmed, you have to add it, feed less, you can also ask the veterinary health to feeding the low heat loss food. In order to achieve the ideal weight, simply feeding a total of 60% of the standard calories.
  • Chicken and turkey are easy to digest:
  • and calories The content is lower than other meat. Hard bones, you have to remove it!

  • When you feed the fish:
  • You have to carefully remove very small fish thorn, the dog and cat are different, it will not pick it up Fish thorn, it will only swallow the fish piercing chew in the tricks.


Boiled rice is easy to digest. Add some chicken soup and chicken in the rice, mix the dog’s best to feed the sick recovery period.

Vegetarian dog:

Don’t eat meat animals like a cat. They can also eat vegetarian food because they can convert plant proteins and fat into elements needed to maintain the body. But if you want your dog as “monk”, give it all vegetarian food, must first ask the veterinary or professional, because vegetarian food is generally difficult to provide all of the nutrients.

Cereal food: Breakfast eats cereals to add milk (goat milk or skim milk), you can get rich vitamins, delicious and light.

Scrambled Eggs: When you give yourself fried eggs, don’t forget to give a dog. Just add a small amount of salt, light and nutritious, scrambled eggs are puppies And the ideal food for the illness and recovery period.

Vitamins and minerals: Regularly actively supplement vitamins is necessary, and your dog should get all the needs of vitamins and minerals from nutrition balanced food. However, in some periods, dogs also need special additional vitamins. For example, in the pregnancy, the amount of breasting period and the growth period of the puppies, and the recovery period after sick must also be added. However, you must give a supplement under the guidance of a veterinarian or expert, because the supplement is too much and the lack of harmful.

Dogs also have calcium supplementation:

People must supplement “cover”, dogs with calcium, especially in the growth period, and the buddy daughter dog Need calcium. Calcium is not eating calcium tablets, and should be supplemented more easily, such as adding calcium powder to the soup or in mixed food.

Vitamin tablets:

Dog generally lacks vitamins, but the tasteful vitamin tablets can be used as a reward for dogs.

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