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1. The biggest difference between people and animals is to take medicine. When people have disease, they will take medicine immediately. The more you have sick, the more you eat, there is no sickness will grab the medicine, so the chicken must pick the weak chicken when he is sick. Come out, strong weakness, weak chicken must put it in high temperature zone.
2. Why is chickens that are easy to breathe? The proportion of the nostrils of the chicken is small. Especially fast large broilers, most chickens always make the chickens long, the meat is the lowest, but ignore the proportion of the nostrils of the chicken, so that the ammonia is too large or otherwise stress, the chicken will happen Respiratory disease; the metabolism of chicken is fast, it requires a large amount of oxygen, there is a double breathing, both call and sucking, have oxygen exchange, with airbags, air in the abdominal airbag, and the air quality is more likely to get a respiratory pathine. At this time, you can use the rich farmers to cry.

3. Decogenous diseases that are not eggs are generally chickens infectious laryngiitis; death-free diseases are generally symptoms of early contagious rhinitis; death chicken is also eggs, disease is generally poultry Influenza, new city disease, passage, etc .; diseases that do not eat, do not drink, is generally avian influenza, new city disease, poisoning and other diseases; can eat and drink eggs, the degree of egg syndrome or infectious cerebrospinalellium Or infectious anemia.
4. There are two purposes, and the first purpose is to nutrition, the second goal is the boy!

5. The intestines of the chicken accounted for 6 times that of the chicken body, the chicken did not teeth, only the muscle stomach, just responsible for grinding the food, normal chicken every 8 hours to rush once, so-called face Sauce dung, this feces is normal.

6. Attachment of chicken When watching the tube: If 1/3 bleeding on the trachea is generally the main characteristics of the new city disease; if 1/3 bleeding under the trachea is generally the main characteristics of the branching disease; if the entire trachea It is generally a symptom of avian influenza when filled with bleeding; if cheese samples are blocked in the trachea, it is like a yellow-white tofu sample material, it is easy to peel, first consider whether it is a throat, it should be considered whether it is a avian influenza symptom. If cheese samples are cheese, it is not easy to peel off, and when it is adhered to the wall of the trachea, the first consideration is the occurrence of chicken pox disease.
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7. If the chicken suddenly decreases sharply, it is first considered whether it is Early symptoms of Fa’s cystic disease, re-considering whether it is necrotic enteritis or poisoning. Prevention of Fahsi Capsules can drink mulberry lung oral liquid in the chicken for more than 10 days, and it can also treat new city evolutions. For details, please contact us.

8. What is the disease in the green manure?

Census should often pull green manure; Fa’s cysting is a normal phenomenon during the recovery period, indicating that the chicken will return to health immediately; if the chicken is generally pulling green manure . Chicken is not afraid of pulling green manure, I am afraid of pulling yellow or creamy yellow manure, pulling such a fecal chicken is the most died.

9. Mycoplasma is also known as a chronic respiratory pathogenesis, the early main nose, individual faces, hard-knife, generally flowing with nasal, generally occurring the disease, no change, not easy to treat Easy to relapse. The nasal is abbreviated as the infectious rhinitis. The symptoms of this disease are typically typical. When they happen, they will decrease, face swelling, and soft with hand. Early richest nasal juice early, the stream of thick south, the nuts were left around the nostrils, and the early manure was hailed, and the yellow manure was rowned later. The body is snoring, and the new city has no snoring. Xinnui drink water is used for three days.

10. The vaccine has to pay attention to the bottle cap to grasp the vaccine. After the vaccine is taken out, put it half an hour after half an hour in the incubation box, and then dilute it. The first immunization must be eye-catching or drip, because the immune organ development of chicken is not perfect, the new city evolution must activate the immune organs of the chicken in organs – Harne glands, 3-5 days after the vaccination is a bit slight after 3-5 days after the vaccine Respiratory symptoms are normal. The Fa’s cystic vaccine is good with a drip or drinking water, because the Fa’s cystic vaccine is absorbed by intestines.

The vaccine suggests that 8-9 o’clock in the morning is better, because the morning is the weakest chicken body antibody, which is beneficial to the vaccine and quickly produce antibodies in a timely manner.

There is no such thing as an anti-disease during the laying egg, and the most medicinal fee of the disease is also the highest in January. If the product is declining, the egg rate must fall, and if the laying egg is restored to normal level, at least one month is. Therefore, in productionDuring the egg, try not to get the epidemic. It is not a good epidemic. Most of them are ill, you feel the disease that yourself vaccinate. Do you feel that many situations have been in the past 5-7 days after vaccination. What is the situation?

11. The chicken has several important immune organs? There are four main immune organs of the Harne gland, the Fahishen, thymus, and the intestinal tonsil. Broken Fa’s cysticitis will infringe the Fa’s sac, and the Fa’s cyst is destroyed, and the bacterial virus will be easily invaded into the body, so the chickens after the explosive of Fahrenheit cysts are difficult to raise and manage. If the chicken in the chicken group will infringe the thymus and the cities, the Harne gland will also be interfered and influence, so this series of diseases will infect, these two diseases should be said to be a door disease, once opened, other diseases Will happen at any time.

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12. The chicken group has a drug: Suggested that you should use drugs for the treatment of Escherichia in the morning; drugs with antiviral drugs at noon; with drugs for treating respiratory tract in the evening. It is best to use a medication for 3-5 days. Remember: a farmer with a drug fee, will definitely raise the chicken, and it will never earn more farmers than the drug cost. 13. The secret of nourishing chicken is ventilation. There is a famous saying: The chicken is ventilated and the source of the disease!

Remember: To make money and ventilate. The early ventilation of the broiler is not good, and the late stage is prone to abdominal disease. It is caused by the previous period.

14. The early chicken is not good, how is the mortality rate?
Early chicken mortality rate is high, it is best to use some drugs that do not damage the chicken kidney during treatment. .
15. Why is the chicken is easy to get bowel disease?

The three holes of the chicken are combined with genital via holes (producing eggs), urinary bore (urine), rectal holes (dilated), usually not disinfected, pulled urine, To put it bluntly, it is unclean, so intestinal disease tends to happen. If the chicken is patient, it can be used to drink water.Use four days.

What should I do if I do chicken?

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