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At present, the dairy breeding has entered a difficult period, and the average single production 25kg has no profit point, mainly cost high, low milk, so management is particularly important. If you purchase a finished product management software, there are more than a few tens of thousands, which is undoubtedly a small expenditure for the pasture. There is no practical software, relying on man-handed record, underlying and managing is not in place. This form software has been revised many times, and basically reaches the management requirements of the 2000 head-scale dairy pasture. The content includes the number of pasture cows, the number of cattle, the number of calves, the number of air and bad days, the timing spacing, the average pregnancy, the bullockey pregnancy rate, dry milk reminder, perinatal reminder ….. It is a random boss, and a good management helper. Also, I have been engaged in milk cow farming for many years, I have a little bit of meager, and I have interested friends can download it.

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