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New Year is coming, the purple gas is coming. In order to improve the technical level of our sheep feeding management and pestic disease prevention, timely exchange of the latest experience and information, the “Health Beer China” Shengda Activities hosted by the Ministry of Health, Health Admirers, will be held in 2016. March 18 officially launched in Zhengzhou, Henan.

In recent years, my country’s raising sheep industry has developed rapidly, and the effective supply of livestock products, alleviating food contradictions, and enriching the dietary structure of residents played an important role. However, from the country’s overall raising sheep level, scale, intensification, standardization is not high, the production method is backward, basically relying on the market. Coupled with the technical level of farm and managers, the industry lacks a complete industrial chain, the sheep farm is poor, and the profitability of the sheep field is low.

Based on this, our “Healthy Yangyang” event will begin from Zhengzhou, Henan Province, enter Gansu Zhangye, Hebei Baoding, Shaanxi Yulin, Inner Mongolia Hohhot, Hebei Qinhuangdao, Shandong Dongying, Jiangsu Nantong, Anhui Fuyang, etc. . The event will last for 118 days, across 8 provinces (autonomous regions) ………. Will invite domestic well-known experts, professors, first-line clinical experts, etc., for the current scientific feeding, efficient breeding, variety improvement, epidemic disease and comprehensive prevention and control technology, the development of sheep cooperatives. And to promote the health and sheep concept to the majority of raised sheep, disseminate high-efficiency raising sheep technology, solve the actual problems in production, guide the housing of how to correctly manage, epidemic prevention, how to properly standardize the medication, so that my country’s Yangmei industry is gradually going to work The road to breeding and sustainable development.
I. Activity theme: Advocate “Health, Green, Environmental Protection” Beap Concept
Enhance “Exchange, Cooperation, Win – Win” Industry Benefits
Second, Organizer: Micron Maused Health Admirers

Third, sponsored units:
Special sponsors: recruitment (investment phone: 13838006355)

Four media support: Chinese veterinary drug 114 network, Boa and news, animal husbandry, love animal husbandry, Veterinary drug direct sales network, veterinary drug marketing network, China feed mall network, China animal husbandry network, brand animal husbandry network, 1688 feed veterinary drug network, China’s professional veterinary network, microstood animal husbandry, raising Yangtian, raising sheep Baidu Post Bar, China raised sheep network, “Northern animal husbandry”,”Veterinary Medicine Market Guide” Five, Meeting
March 18, 2016, issued, March 19th – 20th meeting, two days.
Sixth, Meeting Location
Henan Agricultural University Academic Exchange Center (Tao Liyuan Hotel)
Seven, Participation Object:
Sheep Farm, Technical Director, Technician, Dealer, Vocational Veterist , Sheep cooperative.
Eight, main content
1. Improvement and hybridization technology of high quality varieties
2, artificial insemination and sympathetic breeding technology
3, the nutritional demand and scientific management of seed sheep
4, raise The founding and scientific development of the sheep in
5, the diagnosis and comprehensive prevention technology of brain insects, hepatochioma
6, 2016 National Beep Subsidy Policy Interpretation
Jiu, the meeting fee
Confucian fee 1080 yuan / person, including recipient, meal, information fee, accommodation fee, etc.
Ten, Organizing Committee Contact and Contact:

Feng Teacher: 0371-60968158 13838006355 (WeChat)
Xiao Teacher: 0371-56079077 13938483099 (WeChat)
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