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Yesterday, Shang Village, the merchants allocated in the market, the market was transferred, mainly the customer in the big business area. The saucer is more than 200 yuan, the sales of the high quality 240-260 yuan are found, the volume is relatively small. Rex rabbits is still 35-45 yuan of clothing roads and collar roads, and other transactions are relatively small. The overall market, the upper market of the leather is large, the volume has increased, and the price quotes have not changed.

Rex Rabbit Live Price: Shandong Linyi area is about 5 pounds, and the price: 7-7.5 yuan. The price has risen slightly.

Rex rabbit skin price: 10-13 yuan in 5 pounds. The skin of each region was rapidly sold in a small skin of 3.5-4 pounds. But recently, with the coolness of the weather, selling a bunny too much.

Rabbit meat price: Linyi, Shandong: 8-8.3 yuan / kg.

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