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Rabbit, especially the rabbit breeding, rapid structural adjustment and technology upgrade, so this year’s summer high temperature culture should have a different focus on the past.

This summer’s high temperature farming industry is more prominent

1. “All in the whole, efficient breeding” technology promotion is basically completed, and the high-efficiency reproductive model is widely promoted in 42 days. The result is the improvement of productivity and standardized production, but the hunaries continue to bear strong pressure and burden.
2. Facility enclosure breeding is widely accepted and applied, but the control technology of closed breeding connotation does not get the same universal understanding and application.
3. Dry wet separation feces cleaning equipment is applied, but it is generally “gains this to lose”, achieving the smoothness of manure but the smoothness of sacrificing ventilation.
4. Full price, nutritional balanced development, but the problem of excessive market low-end demand leads to the seasonal nutritional demand for fineness.
5. Efficient production technology promotion leads to the general reduction in production costs, but also brings more intense market competition. The measures of the past leisurely summer high temperature stop breeding and rest are gradually disappeared, and there are also many farms to continue breeding production in high temperature regions in the south. From the surface, the technical upgrade does not need to rest, in fact, the market is not allowed. With the competitiveness of cost and prices, there is no sufficient output after the summer after the summer, there is no key to decide the breeding benefits of the year. Consultation QQ: 2627108897
Based on the new situation of the rabbit in summer, the following issues should be considered before the high temperature season:

1. Rabbit Heat and closedness repairs. Rabbit shearing material heat insulation performance and the sealing properties of each detail of rabbit house must be seriously checked, ensuring that all air is effectively treated by wet curtains.
2. Wet curtain management. Wet curtains should be cleaned, cleaned up the rabbit and dust every day; measure whether the wet curtain area is sufficient, ensure that the maximum ventilation is between 1.5 to 1.8 meters; add water filtering facilities to ensure the wet curtain water clean Unblocked; water curtain water is not cold, the wool, the wet curtain is cooling and absorbing heat, and the heat of water temperature difference is absorbed is insignificant.To keep the equipment inspection, ensure that the wet curtain is evenly water, not to have a dry place; the curtain water is not too large, and the intermittent water is kept wet, and the maximum evaporation efficiency can be achieved. Consultation QQ: 2627108897

3. Ventilation Management. In the case of the rabbit house, the high temperature period, European ventilation and summer standard practice proves that in my country, the Sichuan and the southern region is not enough. It is necessary to perform edge measurement edge according to different regions to measure the best cooling and ventilation standard. These are closely related to the rabbit farm building materials, design, and small environments.
4. Fan management. Do fine to do place for maintenance work, keep the vane hygiene; ventilation and the support of the wet curtain area.
5. Outlet management. For closed breeding and vertical ventilation, the vecta is a hidden danger. If the sealed is not strict, it will cause wind irrigation to affect the fan and wet curtain effect.
6. Window management. It is highly sealed at the longitudinal ventilation; when it is closed, there is a good heat insulation effect. If there are too much windows, it is difficult to achieve effective closed breeding and longitudinal ventilation cooling at high temperatures.
7. Humidity management. The high temperature starts the wet curtain stage, and it is necessary to completely prevent too much water leakage. Do it is separated by manure, and the drinking water equipment is normal, ensuring the minimum humidity control.
8. The concerns of the track cleaneas. The track is too close to the rabbit. The humidity evaporation of the track will increase the occurrence of foot instead, and the crawler drying is important. Do a good job in air guide to ensure that the cage is ventilated to a very key. Consulting QQ: 2627108897

1. In the food trough, the feed dust is not more than 24 hours, avoiding the hypermidation of the mold.
2. Feed the cool time a day.
3. The high-temperature stage rabbit is reduced significantly, especially the rabbits eat a reduction in fear will seriously affect future production achievements and costs. The choice of high temperature nutrition mode is very important. In the case where the feeding capacity is serious, how to take advantage of the necessary protein, energy, vitamin, trace elements, etc. of the necessary proteins, energy, vitamins, trace elements, etc., as much as possible.
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4. Preparation of insemination. It is necessary for food stimulation than other seasons than other seasons.It can be more beneficial to increase the rate of fetus.
5. Feeding capacity moderate and uniform individual. The high-temperature rabbits are generally weak and the weight is small. The 35 days of breastfeeding in the high temperature stage of the south and the eastern region is generally not higher than 800 grams, and the starting feed should be reduced by about 10%. The amount of feeding between the similar individuals must be as uniform as possible, and the difference in body weight and the amount of material for weaned bunny is very necessary.
6. Moderate is weaned in advance. The rabbit preparing to weaned in the high temperature stage is moderately weaning facilitates the continuous production of the female rabbit, although this requires more effort in weaning or rabbit breeding, but the whole is reasonable.

Skinitis problem

Summer high temperature and high wet season, there is a significant increase in footfritish, and there is more than 20% of the production cycle in 42 days. The cause of the most inspiral is the synergistic effect of humidity and rabbit house, so it should be concerned that the following questions:

1. The overall rabbit is strictly in the high temperature season.
2. Separation in the house, the water dispenser does not leak water, wet curtain leakage, and keep the maximum dry level in the house.
3. Cage bottom pad prevents cold tone, some plastic materials will condense moisture in the air, adsorbed by rabbit foot pads, soak the foot skin causes inspitis. As many people think, it is better to use a wide mat to use a smooth metal silk cage with a wide masonry. Consult QQ: 2627108897

4. There must be a smooth wind speed under the cage, take away the moisture around the rabbit foot.

5. For rabbit farms in size, it is timely discovery of insiphectitis that has just begun, stitch on the hair with a clean gauze, dripping a little iodine in the lesion, and prolonging some usage time.
6. The quality of the rabbit, the quality of the foot pad is one of the indicators of the focus of the breeding process, so the quality of rabbits is the basic factor in controlling foot. In practice, the rabbit is much higher than the meat rabbit variety than the environmental propagation of foots. Consultation QQ: 2627108897

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