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Soybean meal is a protein raw material for the use of rural pigs, which is one of the most important raw materials for making livestock and poultry feeds in a wide range of easy absorption, high utilization and promotion growth. At present, more than 80% of soybeans worldwide are used by breeding production. The huge amount of use stimulates the heart, fraud, low, low quality, with a minimum of illegal benefits.


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Some unknowing illegal traders will sell rice branches, cornfront, corn stalks, etc. in rural farmers. Material, after the secondary processing of the machine, it is difficult to distinguish the true and false of the beans from the appearance. Due to the lack of protein content in fake bean, the normal growth of pigs and chickens has brought huge economic losses to rural farmers.

Today, I will introduce you a simple and effective way of identification of several real and false soybean meal. I hope that rural farmers can no longer buy fakes, no longer suffering.

1, look. High quality soybean meal is generally yellowish yellow, the color is consistent, and the color of fake bean varies is different, and the color is inconsistent.

2, smell. Really soybean meal has soybean mulgings, and fake because of the doped other impurities beans, severe or even there is no smell.

3, touch. Remove the large particles in soybean meal, smashed with smaller particles with hand, and the real soybean meal is difficult to fine, but fake can be powder.

4, water immersion. The soy meal to be detected is placed in a glass of water soaking. If it is incorporated into the slid, there will be a significant layering.

5, iodine method. The starch content in soybean meal is very low. If there is a substance incorporating corn, bran, it will increase the starch content, when the woolen meal is dripped into iodized wine, the adulteration will become blue and black, and the unneained color change is not obvious.

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