4 factors that lead to gain fat

In order to make the dog more nutritious, many owners will often buy snacks to eat, and they can’t grasp the components that the dog food should give, always worried that the dog did not eat. There will be a situation that will give puppies to the dog food, these will lead to fat factors that will gain fat, because we have to learn to give different feed to dogs in different periods to achieve health standards. timg.jpg

Some dog owners can take more nutrients in order to make dogs to make hair skin, so often Puppy’s dog food gives a dog to eat, this is a mistake! Because the rate of dog new metabolism will change with age, therefore, it is special careful to give the dog’s food choice. Different feeds can achieve health standards.

Two, the dog is not fat, it is difficult!

Many people will worry, how do you take the feed of fed dogs? Most people It is measured by “visual inspection” or “feeling” because it is not accurate, so it is usually much better, but also don’t let the dog hungry. As a result, dogs often have to eat, soon began to get fat. In fact, calculate the dog’s food parts, can be distinct from the body weight, body type, more than the age, variety of the dog’s dog. Typically, in the feed bag package, it will be labeled “recommended usage” or “calculation method”, as long as the feeder is in accordance with the instructions on the package, there should be no problem. For example, the puppies weight is 3 kg. The amount of diet on the feed bag is 120 grams. So, one day and evening and two meals are eaten, which is to divide 120 grams of feed into 60 grams per meal. This will not cause the dog to excessively eat. Controlling the dog’s food must be “precise”, when necessary, use the weighing weight of the cake in the home, or borrow other metering tools, feeding the most accurate amount to feed health.

Three: Snack temptation, not fat!

In addition to food selection errors and excessive diet, there is also a major reason for dog obesity, in addition to Out of normal dog food, we moved to “reward” dog, a little dessert or snacks.

When you encounter, when you are eating, the dog is waiting for you, look at you, seems to be a little for him, sorry him. When the dog is looking forward to the hope of the look, most people are hard to bear to refuse to give him a bite. But we know that if you have accumulated these small snacks, if you eat biscuits or desserts, you will feed him, you can’t overlook the heat source, causing the dog to get fat. So the supply of snacks should be guided by “purpose”, the dog is doing things or good performance, we reward 1, 2 small crackers or small meat strips as encouragement, not you eat him, or eat, or How much he wants to eat, how much will you give him.

As for people often eat fruit, although it can be eaten, it also needs to be grasped, because the sugar in the fruit is quite high, and 1, 2 small pieces can be, but not much feeding too much. Some people will feed dogs with their own food. This situation is particularly common in “old” raising dogs, but people’s food is not easy to calculate, so excessive heat is easily caused by the feeding, it is easy to cause the dog’s obesity.

43] In addition to the bias of feeding, the dog is also easy to produce obesity after some surgery. General Common, it is to ligation surgery, the male dog will remove the pills, the female dog is to remove uterine ovary, so the dog will be obviously insufficient in the surgery, the lack of these two hormones will significantly affect the dog The dog’s metabolism, causing ligation, will begin to get fat after ligation. Therefore, for dogs that have been moving the surgical surgery, in terms of diet, more careful, cautious, but also to calculate very precise, otherwise, as long as it is slightly out of control, the dog will Fertilizer, you have to don’t know him.

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