5 most friendly cats

A lot of office workers who like to raise pets will choose to raise cats in order to eliminate loneliness, and sometimes there is a problem, and there will be a problem between cats. But some cats are surrounded by family, and they are the best choice for feeding. Today, come and introduce!

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Himalaya cat’s limbs are short, the body is very short, the chest is deep, it There is a powerful dome-shaped head, round cheeks and squats, compact ears and short nose, as well as round rolling big eyes, almost all of the Persian cats. The eyes are blue, and the more blue is getting better. Its is long and soft, with dark spots.

About living habits: timg (13).jpg Most hidden martones are not lively cats; that is, they will not move at any time. They like to play, but they are very active, but they prefer to kneel on your legs, and no matter what you are doing, you always want to participate! Himalaya Cat is not a lively cat, but it is happy to play with the owner, like to play with the owner , But will not run. The Himalaya Cat gathers the advantages of Persian cats and Siamese cats, both Persian cat sweet appearance, agile reactions, as well as the smart and warmth of the Siamese cat, small body shape. Many people love.

⒉ 乖 乖 甜心 – US Shorthair Cat

American short-haired cats are physique, bones, muscles Developed, smart, gentle, is called, is a large variety in shorthair cats. Merry is thick, more than 30 kinds of hair color, wherein the silver stripe variety is particularly expensive. American shorthair cat is a purebred working cat, which is specific to a physical strength, good balance, well-known, power, and lively. In the body, adult female body is smaller than the male.

timg (14).jpg American shorthair cat gene in his ancestors, brave and hard work, gentleness, will not change due to environment or mood Change. Full resistance, amiable, will not mess with temper, do not like messy, suitable for families with children.American short-haired cats are strong, rarely sick, one of the least cats that require the least medical expense.

3. Friendly Angel – Jin Jila Cat

The earliest and pure artificial breeding, after years of careful breeding A special cat species. The ideal Jin Gera Cat should give people a bone thickness, balanced feeling, and have a sweet expression; the body presents a soft and round curve. The whole head looks, it is big and round, a pair of big eyes are round, the two eyes are wide, and the points are very open.

About living habits:

Jinjila is elegant but no short and gentle. Super sticky person’s character makes her more charming. Jinjira loves to clean, recognizes the owner, recognizes his name. Favorite clean places. Don’t eat leftovers. But still keep the cat unique curiosity, is particularly sensitive to objects such as funnels and small bovy worms. Noble or gorgeous, elegant, warm, and personality, it is tenderness like water, feeling, love is close, there is a clean and clean. timg (15).jpg 4. Neighboring little girl – exotic shorthair cat

Exotic shorthair cat is a perfect variety, After years of breed improvement, it still maintains the character of Persian cat. The appearance is like the exotic short-hairy cat of Persian cat, the only difference from the Persian Cat is that its corruption is short and the plush, the ideal exotic shorthair cat should be strong, the body is said, the line is soft and Round. Rounded eyes, large round heads, the two eyes are wide, the neck is short and the short nose, the nose is high and placed in the middle of the two eyes, the cheeks are full.

About living habits:

Exotic short-hairy cats except for farm-mousum, the unique cute expression of Persian cats with round rolling. Character is quiet, cute, warm, sweet, peaceful, unspetent, and loyal, on the other hand, and the same lively and naughty in other varieties. It is like Persian cats, and people are close to people, as American short-lived cats.

5. Harmony Simbed – Shandong Lion Cat u=3364001130,4270327119&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Shandong lion cat head is big; the ear is short; the whole body is long, the neck, the back is still 4 ~ 5cm long, which is also the reason why this is. According to the grain color, four kinds of white lion cats, black lion cats, whipped embroidery, flower lion cats. Shandong lion cat eyes are divided into two eyes blue, both eyes yellow and glare. The whole body is white and the lion cat is most precious in this variety.

About living habits:

Shandong lion cat is strong, strong disease resistance, cold resistance, and is good at catching a mort mark. Among the Shandong Lion Cat, the most precious thing to be Linqing City, Shandong Province, where Shandong Lion Cat is long hair, but it is not only covered by very thick snow, but also a very special The place is that its eyes are yin, a yellow color, the other is blue color, so there is a bizarre superstition legend in it, some people say that such a cat can go home. Magic, let the good luck come to their own home!

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