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Because the lamb is weak, the ability to adapt and the disease resistance and disease resistance are poor, so I want to improve the survival rate of the spring lamb, should do the following aspects.

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Increase lambs

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1. Strengthening the feeding management of the ewes

Succession of lambs in pregnancy The high and low is related to the primary weight, and since the birth weight is around 90%, it is growing in the late pregnancy, so the nutrients in the late pregnancy of the ewec are the normal development of the lamb, and the key to the lamb is enhanced. Since the nutrient level in the late pregnancy is closely related to the daily weight of the lamb and the mother and the mother and the mother, it also affects the weight of the lamb. In addition, the pregnancy should be done a good time to avoid the sheep to eat frozen feed or send a deterioration feed; do not drink oil, prevent the flock from being scared; if you enter the circle, you can’t be crowded, there is a sufficient number of sinks and tanks, prevent feeding Crowdging causes abortion.
In the early stage of breastfeeding, breast milk is an important nutrient material in lamb, especially within 15 days and 20 days after birth, almost the only nutrients, so it should ensure that the ewec is full of full price to improve milk. Yield and quality, otherwise shewear decline, affect the normal development of the lamb.
Second, strengthening the care of the lamb

Timely eating raw milk is rich in nutrients and antibodies such as protein, fat, minerals, which have important to enhance the lamb body, resist disease effect. In addition, the colostrum also has a laxative effect, which is conducive to the discharge of fetus. According to research, the primary lamb will not eat raw milk, which will result in a decline in production performance, and the survival rate is lowered. Therefore, it is necessary to let the lamb or the initial mother, need to manually assist in breastfeeding, such as the sick or a baby’s milk When you should find a nanny sheep.
Third, arrange the milk time

After at least 3-7 days after ewes, the mother should live in the lamb room, one side, let the lamb will breastfeed at any time, on the other hand, Mother is affordable, confirmed. For the conditional sheep farm, the mother is best to help 5-20 days.During this time, the lamb has a lot of milk, it is best to eat once 1 hour. After 20 days, the number of lambs has decreased, allowing the lamb to raise the sheep house, eat 3 milk a day.
Fourth, there must be appropriate exercise

The resistance to the external environment after birth, the body’s immune skills have not yet been formed, and it is easy to suffer from respiratory tract and gastrointestinal disease. Therefore, we must strengthen cultivation measures, strengthen nursing, reduce lamb death, improve its survival, not only beneficial to development, but also contribute to exercise limbs, prevent hoof disease.
Five, do a good job in “three defenses” work

“Three defense” refers to the anti-temperature, antifreeze and anti-lamb. Because the lamb is afraid of cold and surpass, especially in the cold and humid environment, it must be changed, diligent, and often keep the shade warm and tight. In order to prevent bacterial lambs, in addition to ensuring the dryness of the lamb, it can be subjected to the masqueramithycin solution or injection lamb within 24 hours after the lamb is eaten. New venues, have been produced and their lambs can stay in the ground, do not let the newzer, the lamb is close to the strain.

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