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Modern broiler production almost all the feeding system of “full progress”, this feeding system is simple and easy, convenient management within the feeding period, easy to control the appropriate temperature, easy to mechanical operation After the appearance, it is easy to clean, clean, disinfect, cut off the cyclic infection of the pathogen. It is best to use the whole process to keep the health of the chicken and the health of the chicken house. This “full-time” feeding system has increased rapidly in the simultaneous continuous production system in several different aged chickens in the same chicken, with less feed, and low mortality.

2 public-female bunches

In recent years, with the cultivation of commodity chicken species and the improvement technology of genital chicks, high-quality commodity, producers, producers, multi-family, and system.

2. The scientific basis of male and female branch

is different, and the gengeric chicken is different. The physiological foundation is different, and thus the requirements and reactions of the living environment and nutrition conditions are also different. It is mainly due to different growth speed, the cock is growing, the hens grows slowly, and the rooster weight is 20% weight than the hens, the ability to deposit fat is much stronger than the cock, reflects Different feed requirements; the feathers are different, the cock is slow, the mother chicken is long; the severity of the thoacch is different; the requirements for temperature are also different. Veterinary Medicine Franchise Network 1866.tV

The superiority of the male and female brackets.
After the public-female population, the difference between individuals in the same group is small, and the uniformity is improved, and it is easy to mechanize slaughtering, and the scale of the product can be improved. Due to the difference in growth velocity and feed conversion, hens can determine different listed age to adapt to different market demand. Such as hens make fast food fried chickens, cocks are segmented, which can improve production efficiency or make the product more scale. In addition, the male and hen fresses have increased rapidly when they are mixed.
2.3 Management Measures for Bracketing

(1) Opening in accordance with economic benefits. According to the growth law of high quality commodity soil, the general cock is aged at 90 days, and the hen is 120 days.

(2) Adjust the daily grain nutrition level according to the public. CockEffectively utilize high-protein day grains, feeding high protein feed can accelerate the growth rate of cocks, and in vivo is mainly increasing protein. The period of cock can increase the protein level to 22%. Horms do not effectively utilize high protein feeds, and excess proteins are converted to energy, deposit fat, very uneconomical. After adding artificially produced lysine after feed, the rooster is rapid, the growth rate and feed remuneration are significantly improved, while the hens is slow. Feeding pkamycin can increase the feed efficiency of hen, and invalid the cock.

(3) Provides suitable environmental conditions according to the melam. The bonus feathers are growing slowly, the body is large, and the abdominal cyst is serious than that of the hen, and the soft pad should be provided and increase the thickness of the amount and strengthen the gas management. Chang Yu’s speed is slow, and the room is required to be slightly higher. The original cock is hot than the hen, and room temperature is low.

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