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In the middle and late, and even the previous chicken group, it can be said to be anti-fight. Once the chickens have a respiratory tract, what is the symptoms of appearance? Usually, there is a clinical symptom of nasal, cough, and strange calls, but this sounds a little general. Today we come together, we will judge what the chicken infected according to the different respiratory tract of the chicken group. ! This has great significance for the final diagnosis of the condition, and the direction of medication, and the breeding benefits of the chicken farm have affected!

The first is the nose of the chicken, although many diseases will appear in the early stage of respiratory symptoms, but mainly the vaccine response, infected with the initial stage, this symptom is much more. If you are a vaccine reaction, you don’t care too much, but if you are infected with mycoplasma, Thai Lecimin, teller rice, etc., it will be used for at least five days, to prevent the disease repeated!

Cough, if you cough, you can hear the sound of “kaka” in a hurry, this is cough. In general, there is a small cough in the early stage of the disease with mycoplasma. Once you find that the chicken is more cough, then the chicken will definitely have a virus disease. At the same time, the chickens will also include a little mycoplasma! As for the determination, the disease is only confirmed by a comprehensive comprehension. Snoring, nursing users know this kind of frog, you heard this kind of chicken, the condition is very serious!
Screaming, if the chicken is screaming at the chicken, usually the three diseases of chickens, adenitis, and throat. What happens, this snoring situation? Your chicken is not a virus-like mixture, your chicken has added a disease is Escherichia coli, three disease mixing, the most likely caused chicken! This must remember. (Mixed Infection Perfect Combination Speed ​​Kang (Treatment Influenza Virus) + Higheite (Treatment of Airbag “+ Mei Xin (Technical E. coli) + 支 清 清 (Treatment of bronchial embolization clear heat) WeChat pictures _20180523110138.jpg (235.21 KB, Downloads: 41)

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