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The sow fence period (generally refers to 7 days before birth) is a production stage of the pig farm attaches great importance. Most pig farms have habits for preventive health during perinatal period. According to the author Many years of understanding of the drug habits of multi-earth pig farm perinarily, quite a lot of pig farms have made the same mistake, here to show you a very common compatible contraindication plan.
One of the mistakes: Amoxicillin’s use
Amoxicillin is simultaneously used with many drugs that should not be used at the same time, although the drug is still in the same, but actually uses the obvious compatible taboos, they also Use will reduce the efficacy.

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Use the drug in the scheme to be used between 2-3 hours, the main principle is to utilize different drugs in the pig The absorption speed, the difference in peak time, avoiding the reduction in the efficacy.

Error 2: Lin Kemycin uses
to use Lin Bunmycin or gavenromycin with other drugs that should not be used simultaneously.

The main reason why Lin Kemycin cannot be with Thai Miamelium / Thai Termectin is: the mechanism and site they play is exactly the same, while using it will reduce the drug Effect, like two people to grab the same position, compete with each other, not each other, the end result is two defeats!

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Use these two types of drugs to be used in 3-4 hours.

Error 3: Postpartum anti-inflammatory needle Postpartum anti-inflammatory needle blindly mix, causing toxicity or decreased drug effect!

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Some of the above drugs can be used in consideration of points injection or intervals for several hours.


Understanding the pharmacological characteristics and compatibility of drugs are the premise of proper medication, blindly use different drugs, but not only increase the drug expenditure, but will reduce the efficacy and enhance pigs. Only the burden of liver and kidney, increase drug toxicity, the probability of the pig’s side reaction, and the pig farm only knows these basic compatibility knowledge can effectively avoid unnecessary losses.

Author: Liu Huiwang Source: PSY Application Research Institute

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