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A case of grassfish continued to die, after the application of bile acid, the case was returned to normal. The location is the stone town of Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. Time is in mid-August 2015, a breeding household, a three-acre fish pond, and a breeding variety is a grass fish. There is a problem: the previous diagnosis has strevenurosis, which is shown as a reduction in swhanters, is tired of, and the amount of food is low. There is a large liver, bile red, bleeding, intestinal inflammation, and sustained dead fish. Treatment: Use aquatic product-specific feed-up bile acid, no other drugs, feeding healthy materials for 37 days. The use of bile acids after the treatment of bile acids: 1, the grass fish intestinal wall is thicker, the apparent gradual resumption is normal; 2 Bile thin, liquidity is enhanced; 4, the whole intestinal condition is improved, the feed volume is gradually normal; 5, the symptoms of the bleeding are disappeared, and the dead fish gradually decreases. Effect Analysis: Antibiotic treatment after grassfish infection, antibiotics have therapeutic effect on severe deathfish, but does not recover the function of fish, and bacterial will produce a large amount of endotoxin after the bacteria are killed. The main components of endotoxin are lipid polysaccharides, causing damage to the fish and intestines, which can cause fish death. Bile acid is an important intestinal chemical barrier: 1, bile acid in the intestine can prevent it from absorbing the portal vein from the intestine by combining endotoxin; 2, bile acid can decompose endotoxin into non-toxicity The subunit or form a micromolymer no longer causing the crack to aggregate and discharge it. Therefore, bile acid can reduce bacterial (Streptococcus) endotoxin to intestinal, liver and even the whole fish, play a role in protecting liver and gallbuts. In addition, bile acid can also repair damaged liver, inhibiting the proliferation of intestinal pests, and plays an important role in repairing the liver of fish. Therefore, bile acid has a good effect on solving the persistent death of the grassfish! (Article Source Long Changmao)

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