A few years ago, chicken and the difference between chickens now

A few years ago, we scored a batch of chickens, a number of drugs for chickens. A few years ago, we screamed, the chickens were sick, we used some medicines; a few years ago, we naver It will be normal from so much tired. Can you now? Why do you have a lot of money that you can’t make money, even in advance. What is these reasons? Is our chicken is not good, or feed, vaccine, medicine, environment, etc., can not be said, but there is no relationship, but in addition to these domestic climate and feeding management, the more difficult, our culture is, but Can chickens really can’t raise? We can’t inquire, according to the thoughts of the previous years, we will raise the chickens, first of all, the chickens have been sick and then use it. Now? Not. Many still waiting until the chicken is sick, do you have medicine? Let’s calculate economic accounts, chickens, high medicines, use bad medicine not only spend the medication, will delay the treatment, and there will be a lot of dead chicken, the most important thing is to affect the growth of chicken, don’t If we don’t have to say more, so we can’t wait until the chicken is sick. Some people will say that we can’t prevent medication in advance, this is a good way, but it is still necessary for the big way, there is still no way. Difficult, especially farmers. They don’t understand the changes in seasonal diseases. I don’t know what is the ingredient for the drug sent by the technician dealers. Most drug packaging and ingredients are also Zhang Guan Li Dai. Naturally, I don’t know if this drug is mainly against the disease or The part is, only the system is the medicine for the treatment of E. coli, but the E. coli is more than that of E. coli can treat all Escherichia coli. There is also an age-age disease, do not understand the combination of drugs, do not understand how much the drug prevention is, etc., what is the best? Through the performance of the chicken chicken, you can also see that your chicken is unhealthy. When you feel unhealthy, you will find some good physicians to diagnose treatment, avoid deterioration of the condition, bringing losses, find a physician, don’t The disease is invincible, not only can not cure the disease, but also in the high-priced drug fee, it is degraded, it is a three-point drug, and the disease did not let chicken, but was passed to poison. How do you know that the chicken is unhealthy? From the whole chicken shed, the chicken is observed: healthy chicken, lively, clear sound, moderate, fast food, grab the drink, bright eyes. If there is a spiritual depth in the chicken group, it is low to shrink, and the feathers are fascinating, the spirit is sluggish, the feed is high or low, and the sound is low orHut hoarse, there is a scream in the evening, as if you can’t breathe or have an object to block, the reaction is slow. If the feces is abnormal, it should be found in time to treat the cause and treat them. Observe the chicken in the form of chicken: healthy chicken: chicken red, colorful, bright and gloss, foot claws. If the eyes of the chicken are red and tears, single or double swelling, feathers are messy, body size is small or size, colorful chicken feet is pale, chicken corona is bright, there is a large journey, there is slope chicken, snoring and pointer Called, nose to find a good doctor’s diagnosis, symptomatic treatment. Observation from the food selection of the chicken group: Healthy chicken group When we filled, the chicken will respond quickly, and the struggle for water, the feeding is fast. When we found that chickens were decreased, or if we didn’t eat, or if we filled, the chickens did not have a lot, we got up and touched the sachet, we have to identify the cause of this phenomenon. Octa’s laying eggs from the egg hook: Egg hooks, we must check the number and quality of the chicken every day, and observe the increase or decrease of eggs in time, if there is a decline, the cause of the decline should be found, observe the color of the egg, and shape, if There is an abnormal egg, or rough, abnormal eggs, broken eggs, soft eggs, etc., to take corresponding measures to chickens. From the feces of the chicken: The health of the chicken is, many of which can be observed from the feces, normal is pile, with white urethane. When the flock is red, black, white or bloody feces, all said that your chicken is unhealthy. Regardless of how to say, healthy chicken and unhealthy chicken are carefully observed, there are many differences, details determine your success or failure, lack of chicken people in the wave of chicken, lack of thoughts, usually More careful observation, find problems, solve problems, thinking about the cause of the disease, and avoid repeated appearance during the future chicken. Just like adenomyastitis, we can observe from the appearance, the chicken head is pointed, the feathers are not shine, the size is different, the amount of small feeding is low, the chicken feet is pale, the striped feces, willing to feed the fine material, found this You took out anatomy to see the glandular stomach, it is easy to discover, then for this disease, cast medicine, your chicken will grow healthily. No matter how your chickens yourself, the details determine success or failure.

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