A good dermplay seedlings, why is it so high after getting home?

Recently, there is a chicken friend to say that when you go to your salty, you will be fine, but you will have a high mortality after you bring it back. This is very distressed. Let’s talk about why

First consider transportation risk:

The chick may be affected by cold wind during transportation, resulting in chicken The immunity decreased, and the transport itself is a stress, and the chick is easy to transport, it is stress to the chicken. So it is easy to get a problem.

Next considerations of geographical differences

The chicken is like a person, and a new environment is a bit unfamiliar and requires an adaptable process. Each of the times the temperature is different, and the arrival of chicks has an impact. The chicken group does not adapt to the new temperature change, resulting in the onset.

Then consider the hardware device of the chicken house

Everyone generally believes that the soil’s resistance is relatively strong, and it is directly that it does not warm up directly. There is no process to give a process. This is easy to have a cold cold. Some have no warming equipment at night, and the temperature difference in the morning and evening is relatively large, and then the various diseases have been triggered.
In fact, everyone can buy a destroyed chicken, not coming back, it is necessary to come back to raise a period of time, and wait for the chick to accommodate the environment and temperature here, and slowly sore.

Li Chen suggested that after removing the chicken back, there is no problem with the chick, there is no anti-virus, respiratory, Escherichia coli, side treatment, no side prevention, then give Chicken puff vaccine. This will become better and better to raise this chicken.

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