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In rural, there are many footsteps of production and life, and these living waste can be fermented into feed, which can save at least 50% of feed costs. For example, the pig is used to ferment feed with silage feeder fermentation feed.
Silage of silage by silage, except for the advantages of conventional silage, due to the increase in fermentation, hypotective, nutrient, digestibility, and effectively reduce the total cost of breeding . After the production of silage was evacuated, a large number of functional microorganisms can directly participate in the barrier of animal intestines, supplement the population and quantity of the animal intestines, form “advantageous benefits”, prevent the pathogenic microorganism And grow reproduction, restore and maintain microecological balance in animal intestines, thereby increasing animal immunity and disease resistance, so that animals are less sick.
Production of silage with gold baby silage fermentation aid, which is greatly improved than conventional green storage power, the appearance, color, taste, odor, scent, bacterial protein, crude protein, nutrient conversion rate, etc. , Better quality, thus better cost performance. Specific operations should be collected as follows:
1. Harvest Time: Pay attention to grasp the castration time of silage raw materials and harvest in time. Generally, the green wicked corn in the milk, the legume plant in the early stage of flowering, the grasshelnastic pasta in the heading period, the sweet potato vine harvested before the cream.
2, fast transportation: After the raw materials are harvested to the silage site, it is durable to prevent water evaporation, cell breathing and material oxidation cause nutrient loss.
3, the length of the material: generally cut the raw material into 2-3cm, to facilitate the pressure, press, exhaust, and the sediment is also more uniform, and the nutrient loss is less. In addition, the cut plant tissue can exudate a large amount of juice, which is conducive to the growth of lactic acid bacteria, and accelerate the silage process.
4, Sprinkle: 5 tons of silage material fermented agent 1 kg. The silage fermentation aid is diluted with rice bran (wheat bran or corn flour), sprayed, water, and material water to 65%, spare. Water is appropriate or not to judge the method: hand grab a material, see water does not drop water, and can be scattered.
Turn the moisture content of the silage raw material to about 65%, then start the mount, follow the steps, while installing the raw material, Saving the yeast species, per load, especially the edge of the edge, especially the edge of the edge The better. Try to fill the whole.
5, the grass seal: The filling is higher than the edge of 30 cm to sink the green storage. Surrounded by wooden boards, the wooden board is removed from 2-3 days, covering a layer of green grass cut to 5-10cm, thickness about 20cm, then plasticity, the thickness of the cover is 60cm, piled into a shabby shape The flat surface and dig salvage in the surroundings. In the first few days, I should pay attention to the examination. When the crack crack is repaired, when the plastic film coverage is made, the other steps are the same as general green silate, but should pay attention to the last covering of the plastic film, pressure or pressure, the film should be strict Seal to prevent leakage.
Today, today, if you can minimize your feeding cost, you will have a larger income space. Feed fermentants can help you achieve low cost and high yields of pig feed.

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