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Multi-raw materials composition: composite vitamins, composite trace elements, multiple amino acids, antioxidants, enzyme preparations, cholines, calcium phosphate, micro ecology, stone powder, etc. Carrier: Bentonite.

Recommended formula: (仔) Project Corn Bean Bran Flour Premix Spring Festival 20018020038040 Main Features: 1 The caused bellows, pulse and so on. 2, the amount of nutrients is sufficient, effectively improve the feed conversion rate, speed up the growth rate, 15-20 days in advance. 3, improve fur mass, amino acid addition is sufficient, and the fur is bright. 4, reduce stress reactions caused by vaccine injection, weather, transport, etc. 5, no prohibited addition, can be used for a long time. Precautions 1, this product must not be fed directly, it is necessary to mix uniform use with other raw materials. 2, the change requires a certain transition period, typically 7-10d, it should be noted when used, avoiding decline or other stress due to the excessive replacement. 3, usage and dosage: Add by 4%, 20kg each with 1000 kg feed. 4, shelf life: This product is maintained for 6 months. 5. When using this product, select the feed feedstock should be fresh, no mold.

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