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Abnormal climate change in spring is a high period of disease. Do a good job in the prevention and treatment of broilers in this stage, should start from the following aspects.

1. Strengthen health disinfection in the prevention and control of chicken disease, always put the sterilization in an important position. To grasp the three links, that is, before the chicken is entitled, the sterilization work after selling chickens throughout the feeding. Before the chick, the chicken house and the appliance should strictly rinse and disinfection (the chicken should be repeatedly disinfected three times), and the whole feeding period must be mastered three main points: the door of the chicken should be disinfected, and the disinfection water is often replaced. Before feeding chickens, replace overalls and pay attention to the disinfection of hands and shoes. Usually, I should insist on regular disinfection in the hormon, generally two times a week, and the chicken group increased the number of disinfection times. After selling chickens, the chicken manure inside and outside the chicken is needed, and the inside and outside of the chicken is thoroughly cleaned. ,disinfect.

The abnormal climate change in spring is a high incidence of aquaculture disease.
2, correct vaccination breeding households should be strictly vaccinated according to the immunization procedure suitable for local epidemic. The correct vaccination should be paid to the following questions: Vaccine varieties should be consistent with the age of the chicken; various vaccination methods (mainly dripping, drops, injection, piercing, etc.) have its strict regulations, should be done according to the instructions : The dilution of the vaccine generally uses a special diluent or distilled water, and the dilution of the vaccine must be used in the specified time. Each chicken should be vaccinated; pay attention to the storage of the vaccine, dripping eye, 24 hours before and after vaccination Spray and drinking water disinfect.
3, environments that strengthen the comfort of feeding management not only make chickens to produce maximum production capacity, but also reduce the occurrence of diseases, and obtain maximum economic benefits. Temperature is one of the main factors in the breeding stage, and suitable temperatures can exert the maximum benefits of feed. The temperature is too low, causing the chicken, respiratory disease and piles of death. The method of judgment is: one is to hang the thermometer to measure the temperature in the same height with the chicken. The first week of spring is generally controlled at 35 ° C ~ 36 ° C, and the next week is reduced by 2 ° C ~ 3 ° C; the second is according to the reaction of the chicken, this It is also a problem that the farmers should pay attention to. When the temperature is too low, the chicken is scared, and the temperature is too high, and the chicken is only distributed even when the temperature is appropriate. It is also possible to take a thermometer and sensory combination to judge whether it is suitable. The chickens are fresh and can avoid respiratory disease. The harmful gas or dust in the air can affect the health of the chicken, and even causing death. ChickenDecomposing feces and nitrogen-containing organic matter produces ammonia and contains a large amount of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc., which should not reduce normal room temperature, and reduce the premise of not lowering normal room temperature. The content of harmful gases and dust in the chicken house. The breeding of broilers should pay special attention to the dry and clean of the gas. It is best to use the graft to do the placement, more dry, beneficial to improve the temperature; the temperature of the medium chicken is lower than 18 ° C to increase the temperature. The density will be unbalanced in the growth of chickens, and the harmful gases in the air increases, especially in spring, humidity, chickens are easy to infect Escherichia coli, coccidium, Staphylococcus, etc., and accelerate the disease epidemic. Therefore, broilers should generally be controlled around 10 per square meter. Reduce stress reactions. Excessive sound, transfer group, vaccination, weather mutation, break, etc., is a poor stimulus, often causes onset. Unnecessary catch chickens and disturbances as much as possible during the feeding period. The anti-group, inoculated vaccine, and the anti-counterfeit agent can be prevented; the treatment of cold stress caused by the decline of temperature.

The abnormal climate change in spring is a high incidence of aquaculture disease.
4 Regular drug prevention of viral diseases is to achieve preventive purposes through vaccination, and most of the bacterial diseases rely on the purpose of prevention of regular delivery of drugs. Spring popular bacterial diseases and parasitic diseases mainly have Escherichia coli, Salmonella disease, chronic respiratory disease, coccidia, etc., mostly related to age and environmental changes, this requires Different drug prevention procedures are developed according to different situations. Such as: Salmonella disease occurs in breeding chickens; while chronic respiratory disease and E. coli are easily occurring in winter and spring; coccidiosis occurs more than 15 days of age ~ 60 days. Correctly arranged the medication time must first understand the diseases of each age, and each feeding stage is easy to infect, and timely processes can achieve prevention purposes. Communication WeChat: 13210019060

5, early detection of diseased chickens, dealing with disease as soon as possible to take measures as soon as possible to avoid delaying the best treatment. Early awareness of illness can start from the following aspects: Check the chicken group daily (preferably in the morning), pay attention to observation of symptoms, especially the spirit, activity and fecal status of the chicken; observation of the amount of chicken in the day, once the remaining More, there may be a certain number of chicken hairstyle; every night, you can listen to the chicken group.The breath sound and the problem is dispelected in time.

Spring poultry respiratory pathogenesis and difficult to cure, small A-double treatment plan, pass tens of thousands of support! It is slightly 3 days, and it can cure 4 days.

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