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Melatonin implant
Product Indicators: This product is an implanted product, the product is a cylindrical drug rod having a length of 8.0mm having a diameter of 2.0 mm, and the drug component is melatonin, which is 10 ± 0.5 mg. Around, other matrices are medical grade silicone materials, and the products have no toxins, and good biocompatibility is good.
How to use:
1, the adult 貂 in late May to mid-June, the boring in the middle of July, all of which were one capsule, 80 ~ 90 days of fur mature.
2, the adult fox, 貉 貉 in early June, Peari fox, 貉 貉 貉 上 植, is two, 85 ~ 100 days of fur mature.
3, implantation method: Using a dedicated implant, implant the fur beast is implanted under the skin after disinfection, and it can be implanted in the inside of the thigh, and the back is not implanted.
4, Note: After two weeks of embedding, pay attention to increase the amount of feeding in a timely, to meet the nutritional needs of the beast, and ensure that 80 ~ 100 fur mature.
5. The product is always temperature shielding, moisture-proof, moisturizing, and fire.
Application of melatonin implant on the fox

Melatonin is a hydrazine that is secreted by the pineal peel gland in the animal. It is also known as pine pleaderotropin. At present, melatonin has been widely used in the international fur animal breeding industry. The high-relocated active melatonin synthesized by my country’s technical personnel has been awarded the Science and Technology Innovation Star Award issued by the United Nations Science and Technology Information Promotion System. It has been prepared by a special melatonin implant that has been prepared by farmers in recent years. Why does the melatonin have this magical role? Experts explain: Animal pine nuts and release melatonin, which has obvious day and night rhythm, mainly adjusted by the external light. In the day, the light returning retina is transformed into a neural signal to introduce the synthesis and release of melatonin; the night, the optical signal is weakened, and two synthetic enzymes in the pine conferential melatonin are activated, and the synthesis of melatonin is stimulated. And release. Therefore, the concentration of melatonin in the blood of mammal is elevated in the night, which is reduced during the day, forming a circadian rhythmic change. This change affects the corresponding organs or tissue in the body, and changes the seasonal physiological activity of the light-receiving cycle to the ambient optical cycle, and thus the melatonin has the ability to regulate animal seasonal physiological activities, and can also remove oxygen free radicals and strengthen Immunity. Three major effects of exogenous melatonin breeding fur animalsYes: First, induce fur, mature, in advance, using exogenous melatonin in summer long, by increasing the level of melatonin in the animal, can simulate short-term photos, induce fur animal winter hair in advance and mature, both economical and simple Good effects have been obtained in a variety of fur animals. Such as the mart is early July, 5 mg of 5 mg of melatonin is buried under subcutaneous, and its fur can be completely mature in October, 6 weeks more than normal. After embeddling melatonin in the end of June, the first week of August was first discovered that the light-colored hill summer hair began to fall off, followed by a deeper mortuary, the most darkness began hair removal in mid-September. The order in which the colored reimenched hair is the same as the sequence of natural light, but its plush is matured in advance than the mullet processed by the melatonin treatment. Generally, the raw water in the middle of July is implanted in mid-July, and the adult 貂 eliminated in the end of May, in the end of June, the effect is better. The appetite increased after the buried melatonin, the feeding capacity increased, and the growth rate of pre-feeding was significantly accelerated, and the mature weight can be reached in advance. The second is to improve the growth of cashmere and rabbit hair production, the growth of nest goat begins in September of the year, and the growth of the spring is stopped and started to fall off, and the next fluff growth cycle will be started until September later. Treatment of cashmere goats with melatonin in the spring can restore the growth of fluff growth in summer, form two fluff growth cycles in the year, and the fluff production can increase by 11% – 37%, and there is no significant poor and quality for fluff length and quality. influences. 12% of hair follicles in spring harser can not halt, while the hair follicles that cannot be long in summer can reach 28% – 30%, so, in the four seasons, Xia Mao’s output is the lowest. In the summer, it can effectively prevent summer hair production from decline in orally or subcutaneous. The best results in the production effect is the summer solstice before and after July. According to foreign research, it has shown that after 80 days of melatonin treatment, the total output of two cut hair is 17.7% higher than the untreated rabbit, of which one-level hair increases by 14.1%, and the length of hair is increased by 5.6%. . In addition, after the melatonin treatment, the feeding capacity and weight of the longhea rabbit increased significantly. The third is to extend the reproductive period of the fur animal, improve the reproductiveness, and reduce the mortality of fur animal
Most of the fur animals are seasonal propagation animals, their gonad development, estrus fraction and pregnancy are subject to light cycle regulation. The gonad development of fur animals such as mines, foxes and 貉 must be carried out in a short sunlight. So, in the summer to give furExogenous melatonin treatment can promote the development of the fur animal gland and advance in advance in advance. As in February, 8 or 12 mg of melatonin is given to Silver Fox. As a result, the testicles of the public fox have been developed in advance, and the time of production is more than one month in advance, however, its testicular degradation time is also a non-melatonin treatment. Fox in advance. Normal silver fox received a higher dose of melatonin in the breeding season. By June, the testicular function was also basically the same as the breeding phase, which provides great convenience for producing silver foxes. In July, he receiving melatonin treatment, although in mid-December, he demonstrates the early symptoms, but only some of the female fox can be in normal breeding season and normal pregnancy, so leaving mother fox should not use melaton Hormone treatment. Studies have shown that the anti-oxidation of melatonin is 1 time higher than the vitamin E, 5 times larger than the glutathione, which can block the free radical damage in any part of the animal. Thus, melatonin is particularly meaningful in prevention of water gauge damage (by oxygen free radicals caused by oxygen free radicals) in the prevention. The melatonin also exhibits a biological regulation by reinforcing an immune response reaction, such as inhibiting the growth of tumors and a decrease in stress immune function. It is burying melatonin in July to July, which can reduce the mortality rate of the water censure by 2%.

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