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Alcoholic beverages: will lead to drunken poisoning, coma or even die.
Baby food: It is possible to contain onion powder, which will cause dog poisoning (see the onion column below). If you feed a lot, you can cause lack of nutrients.
Fish bone, poultry bones, and other meat bones: can cause digestive system to block or scratch.

A cat food: usually contain too high protein and fat.
Chocolate, coffee, tea, and other foods containing caffeine: contain caffeine, cocoaine or tea, which may cause dog poisoning and affect the heart and nervous system.
Citrus (lemon) oil extract: may result in vomiting.
Extreme fat: can cause pancreatitis.
Grape and raisins: containing an unknown toxin to destroy the kidneys. But the grape seed extract does not exist.
Snake: The unknown compound can lead to asthma, the heartbeat is accelerated, the body temperature is increased, and the heart attack is even died.

Iron containing vitamin supplements: destroying the inner wall of the digestive system, toxicity to organs such as liver and kidney.
A large amount of liver food: can cause vitamin A to poison to the muscles and bones.
Australia Nut: Unexplained toxins can affect digestive systems, nervous systems and muscles.
Harida: Inhibit the nervous system, causing vomiting or changing normal rhythm.
Milk and other dairy products: Some of the dogs and cats lack sufficiently to decompose lactose enzymes (lactase). Therefore, it will cause diarrhea. Pets are suitable for pets without lactose-free dairy products.

Food, garbage, garbage, garbage: containing multiple toxins, can result in vomiting, diarrhea and may affect other tissues.
Mushrooms: Contains toxins, which can affect a variety of systems in the body, causing shock or even death.

Onion and garlic (raw, cooked or made into powder): contain dimethyl sulfoxide, destroying hemodern cells, resulting in anemia. The cat is more susceptible to the dog. Garlic is less toxicity than onions.
Persimmon: Persimmon seed can cause intestinal blocking and gastroenteritis.
The fruit core of peach and plum: can cause digestive to block.

Potato, rhubarb and tomatoes leaf (bud); stems of potatoes and tomatoes: oxalic acid, can affect digestive system, nervous system and urinary system. There is a greater impact on livestock.
Raw egg: containing an enzyme-antibiotic protein, which will affect the absorption of vitamin H (a B-vitamin). Can lead to skin diseases and backs. Raw eggs may also contain Salmonella.
Subcommper: It can lead to insufficient vitamin B1, causing loss of appetite, heart disease (or other disease) burst, and severely leads to death. If you often feed the fish, it causes these possibilities.
Salt: If you eat a lot of salt, it can lead to an unbalanced electrolyte.
Line: You can be wound in the digestive system, called “linear foreign matter.”
Sugar food: can cause obesity, tooth problems, and may cause diabetes.
The leftovers (a lot): the nutritional imbalance of the remaining rice. Even if you feed it, you should not exceed 10% of the recipe. Fats on meat should be removed, and the bones cannot be fed.
Tobacco: contain nicotine, which can affect digestive systems and nervous systems. It can lead to arrhythmia, uncerture, coma and death.

Fermentation dough: will expand in the digestive system, generating gas, causing pain or even causing gastrointestinal discomfort. Trial
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