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Transferred from Cai Yanyu Chi (DOD, DEVELOPMENTAL OrthoPEDIC DISEASE) Discover, especially large dogs or giant dogs in the physical rapid development of dogs. Among the dogs aged less than one year old, about 22% of the dogs have such diseases, including 20% ​​of dogs have nutritional problems, so they must pay special attention to feeding when feeding this large dog. Ways and diseases are examined to avoid more serious problems. In terms of developmental bone disease, hip dysplasia and osteochondrosis are most likely that the treatment of these two diseases is not the focus of this article, and does not talk.
There are several hazardous factors that must be paid attention to: genes, feeding management and nutrition.
Genetic aspects:
Large dogs develop rapidly, these dogs contain the most common pull-up, golden hound, huskies, etc. This problem is easy to gene in the next generation, and the dog already has this problem is not recommended to breed.
Feeding management:
Because the dog is easily caused by excessive energy and nutrition causes the disease, let the dog eat feed are not recommended. Especially these large dogs are easy to eat food due to hunger.
Excessive energy, high nutritional ingredients of food, calcium powder, and nutrients can easily strengthen the occurrence of disease. Excessive energy, the feed of high nutrient ingredients will cause the body hormonal secretion to unbalanced phenomena, and once the body’s hormones are unbalanced, the dog’s development problems will increase the chance of DOD. In addition, the weight of the dog is increased and the muscles, which will make immature bones are more likely to be injured.
Add calcium powder or give high calcium feed, which will increase blood calcium in the body. The increase in litcase is to reduce the calcium in the blood to the normal range, but while lowering blood, it also reduces the role of skeletal remodeling, so that the development of the bones is more incomplete. So add a large dog of calcium powder, veryIt is easy to see this type of disease.
If you start raising large dogs from small, you must pay attention to the dog’s feeding status, which contains the principles of regular quantities that do not add any nutrition. In the selection of feed, it can be selected according to Carroli below 3.8kcal / g, and the calcium is selected from 0.9 to 1.5%, and the protein is selected from 25 to 30% of the principles. Also, maintain a good body, can’t be too thin. In this way, this type of disease can be minimized.
I often hear a livestock owner: I want to buy calcium powder to eat, because they are still small, grow a lot of calcium long bones. Some people say that some people suggest that the kitten puppy will add calcium powder so that the bones will be good, the fur will be beautiful, the body will be strong. Some female cats are pregnant or have a kitten puppy to feed, and some people will want to give them to supplement calcium, because the fetus should grow, the mother is going to breastfeed, there may be many people will think so, but they do it. Under the care, you may have hurt them without knowing.
Calcium is a very important nutrition, especially for the bone system. I think everyone knows that this is also the cause of calcium in the diet, but in the real dog cat nutrition, additional increase Calcium may cause the burden on the body, for example, this may cause the imbalance of calcium phosphorus in vivo, delay the re-absorption of the bone, delay the maturation of the bone and cartilage, which may induce a lot of osteogenesis, and this Many of them cannot be restored, because the growth is only once, in addition to promoting growth, 潻 潻 潻 粉 粉 may get the opposite result, that is, slowing or even suppression growth, so this is called a seedlings to help, this is a basis! Foreign Once people have done experiments, there is no amount of dog weighing calcium powder, and the increase in calcium powder is reduced. The growth rate of the body is also four times. In addition, additional calcium powder will stimulate the gastric acid. Secretion, which will cause the stomach problem and may even cause fatal diseases.
In addition, pregnancy or lactate motherst should not add too much calcium powder, because this will reduce the body to regulate calcium, and if the regulation is disordered, the calcium in the blood may cause milk, This will make the animal animal convulsions to the terrible disease!
The population may ask, do they don’t add supplement, don’t add really, this is wrong, the calcium is of course comparable Normal hours, but how much is added, this is not generalPeople can count, because the demand for calcium in general diet only accounts for 0.5-0.9% of total ingredients, which is a very precise number, which is 5-9, and the amount of increasing is only 1 -1.8%, how trace is, you can add a tablespoon of calcium powder, it may exceed, so for safety, you can choose the feed of the young doll, because experts help you calculate Good.
In the future, if someone suggests that you have to calcium powder, please think about it, by the way, in order to tell you the people around, so they can be more healthier and happily.
Transfer from Cai Yuyang Doctor (University of the Institute of Animal Clinical Medicine, University of London, UK)
About the misunderstanding of the dog’s calcium supplementation!
Most of the people now Dogs eat feed or cans, there are many nutrition experts in these big feed factories. After their modulation, the calcium ingredients in the feed or cans are already enough, but in the traditional concept, the fat of the dog to raise Strong, now the golden hound and Labrador dog prevail
Many forage will buy some nutrition products, especially calcium powder, to eat, want to be big and strong, do not know this already gives the dog The nutrients have a serious burden, and the calcium has excessive orthopedics-related diseases, Hip Dysplasia, split cartilage (Hypertrophy OsteodyPlasia), and Hypertrophy OsteodyPlasia. The deformed of the foreclose, in addition, there are non-bone-related diseases such as stones, skin calcium, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, etc., some cardiovascular drugs also use calcium ion blockers, so there is too much calcium. it is good.
I have a screening of a lot of dogs with adverse structures in hip structures. When checking to eating calcium powder, the time in which he to eat calcium powder is more serious, calcium can promote bone growth, but it is impossible to promote muscle following rapid growth. Therefore, when the bone is rapidly growing, the muscles pull the femoral head out of the joint nest, causing the structural change of the hip joint, and when the hip joint is not normal, the normal orthopedic mechanics is changed, so that the bones Increased force, loose hip occult, shallow joint rings
The femoral head is grinded, the animal is normalPhysiological response In order to make joints to repair the destroyed cartilage and cartilage bone, the physiological reaction produces bones to be called the bone in the joint, that is, the so-called degenerative arthritis, once degraded arthritis is unable to return to normal.
Dogs who have eaten calcium powder will also see calcium in the ribs when they do their chest X-rays, this phenomenon only looks at the old dog or a dog with chronic kidney disease. Just It is a dog who eats feed can not add any calcium powder to avoid spending money.
Dog Lord Feed —- Don’t give the dog too much vitamin !!
Due to the different physiological needs of the dog, therefore the vitamin is not the same
The vitamins needed for dogs (Calculated per kilogram)
Vitamin A 110IU
Vitamin D 11IU
Vitamin E 1.1Iu
Vitamin B1 22 μJ
Vitamin B2 48 μg
Pantothenic acid 220 micrograms
nicotine 250 micrograms
醇 (b6) 22 micrograms
folic acid 4.0 micrograms
biotin 2.2 μg
vitamin B12 0.5 micrograms
Choline 26 μg
When too much vitamin makes dogs After the dog eats, it is unable to be ranked as a metabolism like human beings. Therefore, when it is too much vitamins, the dog’s liver and kidne will increase the load due to aging or even failure! Rating
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