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Production of eggs from 21 weeks to 72 weeks of age of 1 production egg period, generally divided into layout period, early layout period and postponus. During the egg period, the change in egg yield and egg weight showed a certain regularity.
After the chicken group opened, the egg yield rate was rapidly increased in the first 6 weeks, and later decreased steadily until the final stage of laying. The daily egg rate of the daily egg chicken is labeled on the drawings, and the multi-point can be connected to obtain the product of the chicken group. The grade of the birth of the first product of the chicken group showed a low – high – low yaw yaw curve with the growth of weekly age.
The early stage of the egg refers to the period (21-26 weeks of age) from the beginning of the start of the layout. The egg yield rate increased quickly during this period, and the proportion of 12% -20% per week increased, and the weight and egg weight of the chicken were also increased. The weight increased by 4-5 grams per day, and the weight increase of about 1 gram per week.

The yield yield yield yet is usually more than 85%, which is generally more than 90% of the 28-week old product. Under normal circumstances, the peak of the layout can be maintained for 3-4 months. In this period, the emphasion is not large, and the weight is slightly increased.

The egg yield rate was gradually declined, down 0.5% per week, the weight is relatively large, and the weight increases. The output of 72 weeks fell to 65% -70%.

It is understood from the laying of the eggs of the egg chicken. To improve the annual egg size of the egg chicken, we must strive to promote the peak of the layout, try to extend the peak duration of the layout, and slow down. Speed, for this purpose, it is necessary to give adequate nutrients, implementation of feeding, adjustment of feeding, and restriction feeding according to various characteristics, so that it is more in line with the actual production, so that the chicken is healthy and high. Veterinary drug agent 1866.TV

stage feeding is based on the egg yaw rate and weekly age of the chicken group into several stages, different stages of feeding different Nutritional levels of diet, so that both the nutritional needs of the chicken group is not a waste of feeding, it can be described as two.

Production generally adopted a 3-stage feeding method. Opening from 40 weeks (80% yield rate) is the first stage, 40-60 weeks (70% -80% yield rate) is the second phase, after 60 weeks of age (yaw yet is 70% or less) ) Is the third phase.

When using stage feeding method, the protein level in the diet is in turn in turn according to the 1, 2, and 3 stage, 17%, 16.5%, 15%, respectively. The energy concentration can be appropriately reduced by the feed energy concentration without controlling the amount of feed, and the grade is restricted to the chicken group while reducing the feed energy concentration while reducing the feeding energy concentration.
stage feeding method, the nutrient level such as protein in the diet is high and low, in line with the rules of chickens and the standard of egg hooks in my country. The three-stage feeding method is unsatisfactory in three periods divided by eggs in different layth egg levels. The three-stage feeding method is used, and the peak of laying eggs appears early, the rise is fast, the peak period is long, and there is more eggs.

(2) Adjustment of feeding

Adjustment is based on changes in environmental conditions and chicken groups, adjusting the content of various nutrients in the feed formulation in time, so that the chicken is better adapt to physiology And the needs of laying out. Adjusting the actual needs of the feeding of the egg hooks is to ensure effective measures to ensure that the flock will give full play to genetic potential, healthy and high yield, reduce cost, increase economic benefits.
1 According to the egg curve of the egg curve

is adjusted according to the laying of the eggs of the egg chicken. When adjusting, pay attention to this principle: “promotion” when the peak is high, feed nutrition; when the peak should be “guarantee”, the feed nutrition is reduced. The specific adjustment method is: in the peak of the eggs of the chicken, when the egg rate is not rising to the peak, it is necessary to replace the peak feed in advance to promote the rapid increase in egg production rate; in the low egg rate decline, The falling speed of the egg production rate is slowed down, and it is replaced with the post-egg period after 1 weeks.
2 Seasonal temperature change adjustment feeding

The seasonal and ambient temperature have a great influence on the feeding capacity of chicken and the layout level. When the temperature in winter is low, the feeding capacity of chickens increases, and the intake of nutrients increases. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the energy level in the feed, inhibit the concentration of food, while reducing the concentration of other nutrients; when the summer is high, chicken Decreased fishing, the amount of nutrient intake is reduced, and it is necessary to reduce the energy content of the feed energy to promote seeding while increasing other nutrient concentrations.

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