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The live bacterial microorganism formulation is a lot of breast-rage effects in the fox
(Harbin Zhongke Wu Di) The original fox is pre-prevention and health care. With the long-term abuse or over-dose use of antibiotics in recent years, The prevention and treatment effect is not ideal, which directly affects the economic income of raising foxes. In order to improve the survival rate of Peari Stock, raising fox hurts the brain. Until 2002, the Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences Microbiology and Harbin Zhongke Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. jointly developed the production of live bacteria Medica micro-state preparations thoroughly solved this problem. The focus of the management of the milk period is that the production of production is a good harvest. The fox and Arctic fox of normal pregnancy were pregnant for 52 days, and it was smooth. After the postpartum should be checked, up to 12 hours, the main purpose is to see if Piu Fox eats breast milk, eat the milk, the liver, the liver, concentrate the group, quiet, reverse, did not eat the breast milk , Peny is scattered in the box, small belly, and screaming. There should also be observed that there should be no umbilical strip, and the umbilical cord is not bitten. There are no peeled clothes, how many pigs are produced, there is no dead fetus, the Mother Fox, who is not strong, the same, the same year, more than 13 Peari, no Milky Fox’s Pepsia must take the way to find a lotus fox to reduce the number of deaths within the last five days.
This period of feed nutrition level, which is generally consistent with pregnancy, ie, 10 grams per 418 k-focus metabolism, Northern Polar, and 11 grams per 418 kilocused metabolism. Dairy feed 2% -3% can be increased on the basis of pregnancy, and it is beneficial to the mother-in-breast milk. The first few days after the birth is not good. But after 5 days, in particular, when you get to breastfeeding, the content increases. Therefore, according to the age of the fox, the amount of feed nutrition is increased at any time in the case of the feed nutritional level, and the amount of feed is increased at any time to ensure the need for the normal growth and development of Panti. Feed quality requires full price, clean, easy to fresh. Moldy and corrupt feed may not be fed, otherwise the parents will cause gastrointestinal disease.
In the northeast area of ​​high latitude, the silver black fox has earlier, in order to prevent cold-flow attacks, the lack of lack of lack of lack of lack of lack of lack. Low latitude Hebei, Shandong and other places, especially the Northern Philippine, the weather is hot, and the sand is not too much. Box does not have a plastic fabric to prevent the fox to be hot abortion. At the same time, in order to prevent lack of milk or milk after the mother’s fox, there is no milk, and the Chinese medicine micro-ecological formulation “Fox Kangyuan can be added in the Mother Fox””, According to 0.2% ratio; in order to prevent death of pigs and rigorous intestinal diseases, it can be used to prevent oral prevention using live bacteria Chinese medicine microecological preparation, 2-4 grams per head, 2 times a day; At the same time, the “Fox Kangyuan” “Fox Kangyuan” is added to the on behalf of the breast, and the proportion of 0.2% is added. The use of live bacterial Chinese medicine microecological formulation has the following aspects: 1, forming an intestinal immune barrier, improve immunity Ability, reducing the incidence, reducing death and typing rate, and improving feed utilization. Significant effect on all intestinal diseases. 2, pregnant furnace animals, can increase the amount of food, the digestive machine can be significantly improved, the maternal body is significantly increased, the amount of urging increase And adverse symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, etc., the newborn weight of the tambles is increased by 5-10%. It has special effects on the diarrhea of ​​the long-term drug abuse of antibiotics and other drugs. 3, this product can be made In the picnic intestines, there is a beneficial bacteria barrier to effectively control the planting growth of pathogens, thus adding a significant inhibitory effect on the diarrhea of ​​the pup. 4. Add this product when young animals weaning, and can effectively supplement various indigestive enzymes in the body to promote metabolism. And various nutrient absorption, promote rapid growth, increase growth rate of 12-20%, enhance anti-stability energy energy for the fault period. 5, breeding fur animals use this product, can significantly improve feed digestive utilization, promote growth The body is significantly enhanced, and the skin is bright, and the body is well said. 6, reduce the odor, reduce the respiratory disease induced due to air dirty. 7, long-term use of this product, growth rate is greatly improved, in advance, and the fur is shining The finished fur quality is significantly improved, high development and high development, and the environmental safety of the circle house. 8. Use antibiotics to quickly improve the intestinal flora disorder caused by antibiotics, shorten the treatment cycle of the disease. Chinese medicine Micro-state preparation, the best choice for raising fox!
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