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In the hot summer, the majority of egg hooks are affected by the influence of breeding technology, high temperature and high humidity, ventilation facilities, environmental conditions. The egg chicken group has dropped to different extent, and the chicken group in the peak of the layout, the feces, the feeding volume is good, and the egg rate will still fall by 5% -10%. Therefore, according to the specific circumstances of environmental conditions and chicken group, it is very important to adjust the feed formulation in a timely manner, one can ensure the safety of the egg hooks; two can reduce the feeding cost and improve economic benefits.

Adding feed nutrient concentrations. In the summer, when the ambient temperature exceeds 25 ° C, the amount of chicken will decrease accordingly, the amount of nutrients is reduced, resulting in a decrease in the product of the egg hook, and the quality of eggs is also poor, this needs to use It is compensated for the diet of higher nutrient concentration. The high temperature season, the energy of the egg chicken needs to be reduced than the usual feeding standard. So some experts believe that the energy concentration of the feed should be appropriately reduced in the summer; however, the egg hooks are opened, and the energy is the key to determining the egg yield. High temperature often causes energy intake due to decrease in feeding, affecting the egg rate. The test proves that after the addition of 1.5% of the cooked bean oil during the feed during high temperature during high temperature, its egg rate can be significantly improved. To this end, it is necessary to appropriately reduce the amount of grain feed such as corn, so that it is generally not more than 50% to 55%, and the nutrient concentration of the feed is applied to ensure the normal performance of its production performance.

Protein feed is increased as appropriate. In summer, heat, chicken feeding is reduced, only increases the protein level in the feed as appropriate, and ensures the balance of the amino acid to meet the needs of the protein on the protein, otherwise, it will affect the amount of eggs due to lack of protein. The content of protein in the feeding of the eggs in the hot season should be increased by 1 to 2 percentage points than the other season, reaching 18% or more. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the feed of cakes such as soybean meal and cotton cakes, and the amount of animal protein feed such as fish powder should be appropriately reduced, and the amount of feeding is increased. Veterinary drug network 1866.TV

Carrying additives were used. To avoid high temperature and other factors causing dense dense reactance and egg performance, additive additives adding some anti-stress effects in feed or drinking water are necessary. For example, add 0.1% to 0.4% of vitamin C and 0.2% to 0.3% ammonium chloride, which can significantly relieve heat stress. According to the data reportShao, add 0.04% bacilline zinc to the diet, maintain the balance of intestinal flora, promote nutrient absorption, improve feed conversion, and also have anti-stress effect. Add 0.1% 索 酸 acid in feed or drinking water to effectively alleviate the heat stress, so that the chicken increases the amount of feeding and improves the egg yield. In a high temperature and high humidity, 0.3% sodium hydrogencarbonate is added to the feed (the method is first soluble in the water and then fed after 10 to 15 minutes), and the thermal ability of the egg chicken and The egg rate has a significant effect, and it can greatly reduce the damage rate of eggs. But must pay attention to the addition of doses to prevent it.

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