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Whether you want to raise a chicken or intend to expand the boss of the breeding scale, it has repeatedly plagued by land issues. In the past, the aquaculture did not form a scale, and the chicken lied in solving daily life expenses, and small households illegally act also. However, as some small farms have been closed by a large number of shutdown, the emergence and growth of large-scale farming, the culture gradually enters the company’s chemical and legalization orbit, the contradiction between the aquaculture and land regulations and policies is gradually highlighted. The land nature and planning are also prohibited outside the tourist area, nature reserve, water source protection zone and environmental pollution, etc., land nature and planning are also equally important. Before the location, you must focus on the site, otherwise you will bring the chicken farm. Disastrous loss. At first, you must first understand the nature of the land, which is critical and easy to be ignored by everyone. When we choose a chicken farm, we must pay attention to the basic farmland. Because the state implements protection policies to basic farmland, it is not allowed to change the use. Once the construction, some people will be cleaned up, and when they regret it. At the location, the near-distance plan after the block and the surrounding block have been found, and the selection of the selection is conflict with other major development projects of the government. Nowadays, many places are fast in economic development, and the previous urban areas, and even far away from the suburbs, the high-rise buildings in the past few years have become the development zone, residential area, business district, industrial area, etc., and the chicken farm has to move. A more remote place, even because the breeding cannot be continued because it is not selected. Understanding these situations, one is to go to the government land leading department of the land, check the cadasts of the plot, and the second is to go to the government planning department to see the land plan. Basic farmland does not even specifically, it is still a red line according to the basic farmland. The state is strictly protected by basic farmland. Illegal occupied basic farmland five acres or more than ten acres of cultivated land outside the basic farmland, need to be investigated for criminal responsibility. Basic farmland in the mountains or the wilderness is also a realistic embarrassment that needs to face. At the beginning, the State Council requested the town level to delineate basic farmland, many grassroots governments for various reasons, and put many mountains into basic farmland. In these years, with the advancement of urbanization, many farmers will lose the fields around the mountains and chicken farms, leading to this part of the basic farmland has long been treated, and these areas can’t be used. It is strictly forbidden to build any breeding community in basic farmland. But because some places are in the wilderness, wasteland and general cultivated landIn the case of possible use, it is common in basic farmland planning, especially in areas where some land is relatively flat, which brings great difficulties to land management work. Such things, farms do not dare to report, the land sector is not willing to manage, the situation is contradictory with the policy. But I want to report the chicken farm in the basic farmland, and the land sector must be unbound. The ban 7% “Land Use Status” is located in the region of the agricultural project area, and directly assisted the production of agricultural products in the region of the agricultural project area. It includes: 1. Management and living housing land, that is, the essential survey and quarantine monitoring of the facility agricultural production, the land and plant disease pegs prevention and control, office life and other facilities; 2. Warehouse land, namely necessary places such as agricultural products, agricultural materials, feed, agricultural tools and agricultural sorting packaging; 3. Hardening drying, biomass fertilizer production site, in line with the roads such as “rural road”. In order to prohibit some super-large breeding enterprises, “Notice” stipulates that the size of the surcharge of the subsidiary and poultry farming is controlled within 7% of the project land (where the nurses are raised, the scale is large, and The scale proportion of the ancillary facility of the sheep is controlled within 10%), with a maximum of more than 15 acres. If the space of the accessory facility exceeds the above ratio, it is necessary to apply for land-nature change and construction approval procedures, and pay high land transfer. Illegal occupation of five acres of woodland to sit in hard work, usually in the mountain ditch, the surrounding is not a tree. With the gradual development of the breeding, the peripheral forest land has also become the first choice for the expansion of chicken farms. However, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate The Regulations on the Regulations on the Criteria of the Criminal Cases of Public Security Organizations on the Criminal Cases of the Public Security Organization of the Public Security Organs “Article 67 clearly, and the illegal occupied forest land will face criminal penalties. How can I legally use Lin Land? According to Article 18 of the Forest Law, investigation, mining mineral and various construction projects should not occupy or share the forest land; must occupy or exploit the forest land, and the forestry authorities at all levels of the county level have been approved. In accordance with laws and administrative regulations on land management, the administrative regulations shall be submitted and approved and submitted to the land vegetation recovery fee in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Council. The density feed of the Shandong Province is well, and the US Group was established on May 16, 2004, dedicated to the professional, normative and high-tech, through high-tech products and systems as the basis for creating value for users. DevelopmentA new functional egg chicken premix product and a US farming model, obtaining a number of national invention patents, and is appreciated by customers. Pay attention to WeChat public account: livestock and poultry farming, understand more farmed information. Technical support: Tel: Tel: 15853106958QQ: 3332097010 WeChat: 15853106958 What should I do if the chicken farm is urgently used? The word “ban” is like a knife hanging on a farmer head. With the challenge of the environmental policy of the aquaculture, the livestock and poultry farms in the nozzle are closed, and the relocation has entered the last countdown. Whether it is violent demolition or democratic decision, it has brought a huge blow to the farmers. Some farmers are doubtful. Can I reclaim a wasteland to continue to complete my breeding? And who you are in the wasteland, who is it? Does it need to pay the land rent, how much is the number of people who can use it legally, and whether it is subsidized by subsidies. It is full of everyone’s mind. It turns out that the land of the rural island is still in the rural collective organization, and its ownership does not belong to individual, so it cannot be equipped with contractual land. First of all, we must determine that the land reclamation is legal or illegal. The state-owned wasteland is launched by the market situation, and the wasteland of the village will also carry out the external contract in the form of normal hair packages. The farmers will pay money and labor in the wasteland. The collective will be prioritized to you and collect appropriate contractments. In addition, according to Article 17 of the Implementation Rules of the Land Management Law: the development of state-owned ridiculous mountains, wasteland, wasteland, wasteland, wasteland, and fisheries production, forestry, animal husbandry or fisheries production, and the people’s government above the county level Approved, you can determine that the development unit or individual is used for a long time, and the last time the time limit is longer for more than 50 years. Normal legal open wasteland, you can use 50 years! At the same time, according to the “National Land Classification” and “Requests for the Delivery Submersible” in the Land and Resources Department: The cultivation land belongs to agricultural land, and the construction of a farmhouse is not to change the behavior of the land use, occupying basic farmland. The cultivated land is not approved by the construction or temporary land use of construction. It should be fully respected by the production and operation of the land contractor, as long as it does not destroy the cultivated cultivation of the cultivated land, the land contractor can decide to use the cultivated land in the aquaculture industry. Then the chicken farm should be constructed, what should I pay attention to? Recommendation: 1. Chicken farm should try to use the wilderness of the wilderness, the beach and other unusedLand and inefficiently idle land; 2. Chicken farm should not occupy or less account for cultivated land, strictly forbidden to occupy basic farmland; , Technology and other measures, minimize the damage to the cultivation layer; The three simultaneous system refers to the environmentally impact on the environment, and its environmental protection facilities must be simultaneously designed with the main project while construction, while putting the institutions used.

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