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The sow is the most fascinating thing that the mother is mostly the problem that the mother pig is not eating. Some sows are still very good before the birth of the sow, fed not much, but after production Why don’t you eat, you can take our farmers. Today, Xiaobian collects a such article, share it, and the pig experience has various methods, there is any deficiencies, The article is for reference only.

First, first talk about the reasons why the maternal pigs are not eating

1. Postpartum anti-inflammatory is not in place, leading to the weight of sow

sow, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory needle In addition, after filling with anti-inflammatory mixture, if there is a fever sow, use clearing and cephallaria, while injecting the composite vitamin B promotes feeding, let the mother pig feedstock slowly! Don’t start feeding too much start, hurt the stomach, and then don’t eat!

2, artificial help inflammation is not in place

, especially the sow of the head tire, there is a small pig that encounters the excessive fetus, some is not fully opened, encountering this situation. Many times I can only go to the hand, often, many farmers don’t disinfect it, lead to inflammatory response, sows do not eat.

3, there is a dead tire, the gout is not

This situation is the worst, some sows will have a fever or even a week without eating, and it is necessary to infusion.
4, the sow is infected with red body, with red, causing that the mother pig is high heat.

5, prenatal feeding method is not equal to make the mother pig postpartum production

In short, the above reasons are caused by improper care, and the direct cause of nursing is caused by inflammation. If the inflammation is necessary to clean the uterus if necessary, the following will give you some of the sows. What symptoms appear must be cleaned with the uterus.

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Second, sow must be the principle of Treatment of the Qing Palace

The labor process is more than 5 hours;

exceeds 15 head; Handed by hand;
After childbirth;
produced excessive fetus;
After the initial production, the flow of thick sauce.
There is a better cleaning of the uterus in order to avoid the breeding of the mother pig, causing a certain loss to the farm.
Let’s talk about how to treat mother pigs and don’t eat inflammatory work.

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Third, doing a good job in sows and anti-inflammatory control

1, the sow should be added 2% of the soda in the feed or drinking water, After prenatal postpartum, it was cleaned with phenycin and a permanganate solution of a permanganate solution. Prevention and treatment of inflammation infection caused in the later period.

2, must do anti-inflammatory.

3, the sows can do this one week after childbirth:

With sugar water: VC3, composite B3, 3 Astragalus poly sugar.
Yan Yan: 4 million unit penicillin 4, 3 streptomycin, 2 decoctin

2 to three days to the sow infusion!
4, for the sow infection with red body disease can do this: sow purify the red body, use Danyi cycloin and sulfamer, give pigs to pigs and cefrad, if necessary, please consult the technical teacher !

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