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Author: Shi phenomenon had long red material, also known as over-feeding syndrome! Diocene, “During the digestion of small intestines, there is a nutrient loss in feces”. Some farms do not look over the eyes, think that there is no other symptom in the chicken, as long as you don’t have a chicken, the final chicken is out, and it will find that the feed egg ratio is expected when the profit is expected. This will recall the time when it has not been treated in time, it is too late. The chicken is a rectus. Once the intestinal dysfunction, the absorption utilization rate of the feed will be reduced, and the feed that is not absorbed will be in vitro with intestinal peristalism, so it has an overfrontal manure. There are many reasons why the chickens are over, summarizing the following aspects:

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Milder toxin chicken isotoxin poisoning, now each breeding plant is in a large and medium-sized, there is a mold toxin, which is also a lot of chicken. The root of the disease. Whether you agree to this point, at least the chicken mold toxin poisoning will affect the digestive function of the chicken, resulting in the feed. The intestinal bacteria disorder of the intestinal strain disorders will directly affect the digestive function of the chicken intestine. In addition, the intestinal bacterial group disorder can easily cause the reproduction of Clostridia, making necrotizing intestinal inflammation, resulting in increased parenteral exudation, and there is a feed. Small push chicken pneumatics will directly lead to inflammation of the small intestine while causing increased slurry liquid osmosis. Severe small pushpicotus causes intestinal bleeding, so that chickens exclude red feces, such as non-small push worms to have a lot of chickens accompanied by long-term red feed feces exclude. In vivo parasitic chickens, there are diseases such as aphid nematodes, which will also cause inflammation to cause inflammation, reduce the digestive function of chickens, and increase slurry, resulting in the production of feeds. Decading chickens in the intestinal mucosa during feeding, due to certain reasons, parenteral losses, resulting in falling into the intestinal mucosa. After the chicken is out of stock, the anaerobic environment formed by the intestinal mucosa is very conducive to the growth of Clostridia. Resulting in the production of feeds. Glandular gastric gastritis in glandular gastritis, can cause the chicken in the chicken, and the same chickens will have chicks. In summary, when the chicken group has an over, especially when the red feces appear, it must pay attention to the value of the light, the increase in the meat is increased, and the material egg is increased.It will only reduce the resistance of the body, causing various immunosuppresses, secondary hazardous diseases, bring great losses to farmers. The above situation has occurred in a farmer home in the Pu Xianfei in Dalian a few days ago. He raised 80,000 deans, and the chicken reservoir is not net, all hard mymium. The flock excluded feces, there is red, black, and yellowing, egg gradually slipping. Every chickens every day, 4-5 casualties. At this time, the local veterinarian used a music mixture, one kilogram of tons, and used five days. The casualties are not, the red feces are also completely removed. The feces of the chicken group is molded, and the overcomes are obviously recovered, and a series of production indicators have gradually changed. The article is transferred from the official website of Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. (, please indicate the source, thank you

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