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timg (20).jpg American Wirehair History:
American hard saucer is a unique American cat. It comes from the gene mutation of New York farm cats. Appearance: Mao is a typical feature of its difference in other varieties.

American hard-haired cat

like a US short-hairy cat, cultivated a variety of colors.

Historical origin:

In 1966, in the Kwat born in New York, New York, New York, black and white mutants appeared in black and white. The cat lovers are based on this cat, and they have been prudentially reproduced, and the blood of American shorthair cats has been added. After more than 10 years of breeding, we have cultivated today’s American hardhard cats.


habits: character is warm, lively, smart, curiosity, daring, not afraid of strangers It is easy to get along with people. Reproductive method: fetal life

Head: Oval

Ear : Size, pointed arc


big, round, eye angle slightly hang, sparkling golden nose: long short “


The mouth is square, the chin development has good limbs: the length of the limbs


The foot claws are large and round tail: the length is moderate


Short, close, uniform. Hand is rough. Micro-volume, end configuration, puching and ear hair are also curled. In addition to chocolate, lavender, and heavy colors, all colors are acceptable


The biggest feature of multiple colors and fancy American hard sauce is similar to hound Just hair, tough and elastic. The hair is divided into two floors, one of the lower layers a tightened, 1/3 volume of the front endThe song is like a hot hair; the upper protective hair is true, and the hair is very hard. The hair is black, white, streak, etc. American hard-sauce cats have a medium-sized to large, body shape, slim and strong, muscles are extremely developed.

Allowed varieties: American shorthairs and British short-haired cats, acceptable colors are as follows:

玳瑁 White Cat: ( The thickness of the milled is a large wave, especially on the head. In general, the appearance of the hair and the feeling of the sheep are like lambs, and the hair below the body and the chin are not very rough, and the beard usually curl.

Brown Fish bone tabby cat:

(although it is special, the tiger spots are still visible, the most ideal appearance is a good contrast to the color and background color.)

(only the mother cat, “Vatican” pattern is developed by American short-hairy cats.)

Adverse Law:

Deadstaded nasal interruption. Small ear, tip or spacing. Silver-grained cat color is not pure green, brown spatum cat color is not yellow. Over short, overcrow, too long or fine neck. Too hot or too elongated body. Over fine or too short. The tail is on the back. Characterization

Physical and active, very active, flexible, greedy. It requires a sufficient movement to consume excess physical strength. American hard-haired cat is good communication, there is love, gentle, and has the same excellent character as his nearest American shorthair cat. It is easy to expect. Crafted the hair once a week.

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