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What is the most annoying thing you asked you of the farmers? It is sure that the chicken disease and rainy day, the chicken disease can be controlled by drugs, but the weather can’t control, then how should the scholar chickens?

Let’s first talk about how the hazards in the rainy day are?

1. Raining will cause the chicken group to be extremely volatile;

2. There is too much rain, the chicken group is easy to induce coccidia.
3. There are too many rain, resulting in drowning chicken.
4. It is colder, and the chicken is frozen.
5. It is inconvenient to feed.
6. It is easy to cause a graphic stress in the event.
7. It is easy to power out of rainfall.

It’s so casually enough to raise enough, is you very embarrassed to rain? If so, then look down, how do you deal with rainy days?

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2018-5-5 15:36 Upload 1. The chicken farm dehumides, because the rainy ground is very wet, can not let the chicken rest on the wet ground for a long time, so you have to bring the bracket to let the chicken group Perching, this is also to prevent the attack of coccidia.

2. Guarantee the full drinking water and feed of the chicken, the timely increase the feed and drinking water of the chicken group is to allow the chicken group to avoid the water in the grate on the ground, mainly to ensure the chicken group Clean drinking water and eat.

3. The epidemic prevention work is done in advance, knowing the rainy day in advance, and feed the chicken in advance.

4. After the rain, use some intestinal drugs because the ground is humidity. Coccidial disease can be solved four days.

5. Pay attention to heat preservation and prevent the chicken strip from pile up.
6. Feeding the No. 2 in advance, avoiding the stress at the time of thunder, encountering the nighttime power outage, timely lighting.
7. Rain tooLet the chicken have done out, but keep ventilation.

Waterfare precautions, causes of coccidia

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