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Currently, many pig farms and farmers have no food after the mother pigs, leading to lack of milk or breast, and ultimately affect piglet development, even death, and decline the economic efficiency of raising pigs. The knowledge of the current practice is analyzed and suggested.

The sow is still infestiabling after the sow, also known as the sow, lazy disease, is a clinical syndrome mainly occurring in the digestive system, loss of appetite after childbirth. . This disease is one of the most common and most difficult to treat in the clinic, which causes the lactation performance to decline, leading to a slow growth of breastfeeding pigs, poor resistance, or turning into a stiff pig, and the seriousness itself is high due to stubborn Skinny, lack of abnormal milk, or can be estrus but long-term compliant, or even died due to failure.

Dietary calcium deficiency or calcium Improper phosphorus, when the sunside or lack of exercise, the blood calcium concentration can be lowered, and the gastrointestinal motility is slow. If the disease is long, serious exercise disorders will occur.

2 vitamin B1 lack

Vitamin B1 can be excited to abdominal stomach, which is enhanced with their peristalsis and secretion. When lacking, the gastrointestinal peristalsis can be reduced, the amount of gastric liquid decreases, loss of appetite and digestive disorder.

3 postpartum infection

Enditis or systemic infection causes high temperature rise, spirit and depth, affect appetite.

4 postpartum weakness

Nutritional, pig size weakness; delivery time is too long, fatigue, damage to the vitality; The blood loss is caused to cause postpartum weakness, resulting in reduced suggestions.

5 stomach godDecan

More occurs in the initial production of sows, due to pain and fatigue, so that sympathetic is excited, the secondary intensity neurological height inhibits, the gastrointestinal peristalsis and secretion function are extremely decreased, and the appetite will decrease .

Second, clinical symptoms

1 Digestion

sow front material Hello or suddenly replace the feed, add weight burden, causing indigestion. After this disease is often sent to childbirth, the body temperature is normal, the appetite is weak, and the feces is dry. Some sick pigs like to eat some fresh pieces and rice and other foods, but the number is not large, serious Absolute.

2 Nutritional (123)

Pregnancy and lack of proteins, minerals, and vitamins in breastfeeding, causing malnutrition in the body. This case has a longer pathological process, and the appetite is weak, and it is increasingly thin. The conjunctival is pale, and there is no light, there is no light, and there is less feces. The body temperature is normal, but some have a slightly decreased, and the severe people can’t afford it.

3 hypoglycemic lack of calcium

Due to the large number of laboes after the sow, the concentration of glucose and calcium in the blood is lowered. The central nervous system is damaged, the secretion is disordered, the lactation is reduced, and the piglets are inadequate and disturbed, interfere with sows, leading to the disorders of the sow digestive system. The sow is uneasy, feeling abnormal, excited and depressed alternately, often in order to stand, not willing to stand. Some muscle tremors, loss of appetite, slow action, even causing claudication or paralysis.

4 External rheumatoid

Since the sow is poor when the sow is in childbirth, the coil is cold and humid, causing the body to decline, wind, cold , Wet three evils and certain pathogenic microorganisms are taken, causing sows to catch a cold, rheumatism, and other diseases, causing digestive performance. This type is typically slightly high, the diaphragm is red, the muscle joint pain, often 呻 吟 嘶 病 病 者 者 麻 麻.

5 postpartum infection

The sow is too high during delivery, and the environment is unclean to invade the pathogenic microbes infected. The sow is generally 3 or 5 days after birth, the body temperature is up to 41? The sleeper is not affordable, the war is cold, the breathing is urgent, the film is blocked, the vaginal flows from the smell of blood, often performs Nest, frequent urination, urine is turbid Qing, mainly after childbirth, urethral and uterine infections, thereby affecting appetite.

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