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The sow is still infected with the sow, also known as the sow, a lazy disease, is a digestive system that often occurs after childbirth. Clinical syndrome mainly, the loss of appetite. This disease is one of the most common and most difficult to treat in the clinic, which causes the lactation performance to decline, leading to a slow growth of breastfeeding pigs, poor resistance, or turning into a stiff pig, and the seriousness itself is high due to stubborn Skinny, lack of abnormal milk, or can be estrus but long-term compliant, or even died due to failure.

1, the composition of the diet should be changed, given high-quality full-price feed with mineral and vitamins. And pay attention to the calcium and phosphorus in diet, and appropriately increase the outdoor movement and accept sunlight. You can use Vicotine collar 4,6ml muscle injection, 1,2 times a day; or 100ml of cod liver oil, add water once, and use 5 or 7 days.

2, if there is an inflammatory inflammation and neuritis, it is a vitamin B1 deficiency. It should be injective vitamin B1 and antibiotics, and oral vitamin B2, yeast, etc., increase rich Vitamin, feed, such as glutinant, green feeding, sprouting barley, yeast, etc.

3, if there is red swelling in the hybrid and discharges white secretions, it is not emitted to the uterus, and should inject drugs, antibiotics, vitamins, and other drugs. If there is no systemic symptom, it is recommended to clean uterus.

4, if the body is high, the spiritual depth is a postpartum infection, and the anticogenic analgesia should be injected, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-allergic drug, symptomatic treatment.

5, postpartum weakness, clinically divided into postpartum blood deficiency, postpartum blood and blood. The treatment of postpartum blood deficiency is mainly for blood, use “four soup” or “nature of blood soup”; if the blood loss, the mother pig is falling, the milk is not breast or milk, can be double qi, passing through the active . It is used to use “Tongmai”. AppropriateSports, and use high quality, full price, easy digestive feed.

6, if the mouth is dry, drain the jelly, starting up the slenderness, the gastrointestinal nerve disorder, should be jealous and “flat stomach scattered” Calcium, yeast, muscle injection vitamin B1, vitamin C, or intravenous injection of calcium gluconate 100ml, 10, 25% glucose 500ml, vitamin C 5 mL.

7, the labor process is too long, the physical strength is too large, weak weakness. Reason: The gastrointestinal tract and uterus are composed of smooth muscles. During the process of pumping, the uterus contractions, the gastrointestinal tract has a certain degree of contraction, and the time is too long, and the physical energy consumption is excessive, weak weakness, no appetite. Treatment: Glucose + Electrolytic Drinking Water.

8, there is inflammation before prenating, pulling dryure is the largest hidden danger of sows, is the cause of all diseases). Cause: Endocrine disorders, five organs are not coordinated. Treatment: Dilute the cephalosporination of the heat and intake.

9, the initial production or fetus is too large, and the pain in production causes appetite inhibition. Cause: Because the initial production or fetus has caused productive pain to be too strong, it causes the appetite inhibition, this situation is generally produced, and there is milk, and there is a gradual day after childbirth. Treatment: Squeezing the dilution of cephalosporin injection.

10, the deadlock is retention or the gathering of the gout. Cause: Deadly retention or fetal coat can’t cause uterine discomfort, and inflammation stretch. Treatment: First injection of estrogen, after 2 hours, then injection oxytocin; or directly inject the prodrienne alcohol. Postpartum-releasing cephalosporination.

11, induced disease. Cause: Production is a relatively large stress, can induce many diseases, common streptococcus, arcuate, with red cells, and the like. Treatment: Treatment of long-acting throatty or red bow.

1, prenatal

pregnant sow feeding quality , Safe, full price, is rich in premix products including vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and other vitamins. The right amount of exercise is fully irradiated with sunshine.

2, production

After entering the expected date of birth, after the first pair of nipples in pregnant sow can squeeze the milk, inject the oxytocin, seize the vegetables, can accelerate the product, promote the gown Exhaust and uterine lochia.

3, postpartum

gives high quality, full price feed, combined with “nature of blood soup” or “biochemical scatter”, internal service yeast Tablets, lactic acid bacteria tablets, artificial, salt, etc., which are beneficial to increase appetite, postpartum recovery and purified uterus.

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