Analysis of the cause of the chicken

1, chicken seedlings

Chicken Salmonella, E. coli infection.
2, feeding management problem

The temperature of the chiffon is too low or the fluctuation is too large, and the chicken is wet. The temperature is too low to cause the chicken, and the humidity is too extremely easy to cause white and white, coccidi, and the temperature difference will also make the “big belly disease” will affect the feeding.

Strictly control temperature, preferably more than 2 degrees, the prenatal drafts 60-70 is good

3, feed problems

Feed Merraffin is a more common and difficult solution, on the one hand, mycotoxin leads to the liver, kidney, pancreatic necrosis, muscle stomach oxime membrane erosive glands, intestinal mucosal injury, intestinal flora, indigestion, indigestion, Diarioli; on the other hand, the chicken is immunosuppressive, so that other pathogens are secondary infections, especially variability, new city disease, E. coli, etc. Secondary infection.
4, drinking water problems

The water is not clean, the water temperature is too low, the water supply or water level can result in a decrease in digestion, and diarrhea.

5, improper medication

Many of the drugs were too large, and the gastrointestinal tract will cause a certain harm of light pulleys, heavy gastric ulcers or gray green necrosis.
6, irritation syndrome

Intestinal syndrome is a multi-factor syndrome caused by coccidi and some viruses, bacterial mixed infections, and other induced factors. Clinical retros, une digested feed in diarrhea and feces, the descendant decline, slow growth, weight loss, dehydration and feed reward.

7, viral infection

If the infection such as H9, variant branch caused by decline, indigestion, even if the cure season recovery also needs a longer process .
8, adenitis

The prevalence of adenitis is very common, it is very harmful, and there are a variety of viral diseases, and there are parasites, such as Cryptosporiosis. There are other factors such as low fiber feeds.

No matter what reason, as long as it is a glandular inflammation, it will leadThe pendulum digestive function is lowered, and the amount of chicken is too low or long-term feeding is maintained at the same level without a group.
9, stress reactions

There are weight-to-end-harmful factors in the early feeding process of chicks, such as receiving the chick, expansion, immunization, replacement, and excessive density. Leading to gastrointestinal dysfunction, flora disorders, and thus affect the normal digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract.

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