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Analysis of the etiology of duck paralysis
(1) Duck soft foot soft legs are complicated, and many diseases can cause duck legs. Mainly viral factors, bacterial factors, nutrition, self-metabolism and trauma and other factors.
(2) Viral factors are generally more common and 20 to 35 days, such as influenza viruses, such as influenza viruses, will cause leg or stand up. (3) The bacteriality is generally more obvious, easy to distinguish. For example, the bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus is transformed into chronic arthritis, joint swelling, duck prollary, single leg swelling and other symptoms.
(4) The factors that have caused the soft legs complicated. 1. The proportion of calcium phosphorus is imbalanced, the basic element of bone growth is calcium and phosphorus, calcium phosphorus intake is not enough, causing cricket, duck, egg duck legs, severe egg duck production, because After the production process, the whole body is used to form an egg shell, and the blood calcium content is too low. Death is caused; the proportion of calcium feed calcium phosphorus will also affect the absorption of duck legs. 2, the lack of VD3 will affect the absorption of calcium phosphorus, and the calcium phosphorus ratio is suitable. No VD3 is absorbed, and the feed is supplied to the VD3. The sun irradiates the duck body will synthesize some VD3, so the duck is in the shed. Long lack of sunshine irradiation and activity is too small to cause weak legs. 3, B vitamin deficiency will also cause, legs such as feet distortion, neurotracks.
(5) Self-metabolic factors, generally infringement of the kidney caused renal and swaining compression renal nerve, which causes neurotransmissions to blot a single leg or legs are not dominated; the trauma factors are easy to distinguish, several examples.
Prevention and treatment method 1, inoculated a variguned virus vaccine, control the environment, regular disinfection, prevention and treatment levels to spread bacterial virus, regular investment prevention.
2, adjust the feed nutrition supply, nutrient match, do a good job in duck house, don’t have a long time to calculate large group density, and the amount of activity is appropriate.
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