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The factory chemical circulating water breeding as an emerging aquaculture model, which is already very mature abroad, but because there is no longer time in the country, there are few cases of successful breeding, and many people who want to do have no case reference, I don’t know how to start for a time. So today, I have summarized some problems encountered in the initial circulation of circulating water, and I hope to give you some benefits.

First, the investment fee
Friends who have just started investing in plant circulating water, first concerned about investment cost issues, from construction to output, cost is probably divided into two blocks: 1, factory investment . This fee is mainly determined by everyone’s factory and farming scale, is fixed investment. 2, investment in circulating water breeding systems and supporting equipment. This is mainly the investment fee and the cost of breeding facilities in the circulating water breeding system. How big is the aquaculture water? What material is used? Built multiple big fish ponds? How to come out, this is to take into account. However, the circulating water breeding system of Guangzhou China Airlines includes fish ponds, and users only need to consider the cost of ordering systems according to their breeding scale. The investment construction cost of the circulating water breeding system is mainly the expenditure of the system and supporting equipment. Many friends who want to try factories will want to use our entry-type factory chemical circulatory water breeding system, honestly say that we do not recommend that users use this. Small equipment, purchasing is not cost-effective, small processing water, is not large, mainly accumulated experience, need to breed 2-3 years to earn equipment costs back, want profit recommendations, still need to carry out scale breeding.
Second, most of the cultured density investment factory chemical circulating water system is mostly high-density breeding, thereby increasing production, this actually does not have a fixed standard fee, mainly to see a cultured variety, and the life habit of fish is also a certain relationship. There are also fish seedlings, feed, management, etc. With grouper, the cultured density can reach 80kg / m3, some even raise more than 100 kilograms. Third, the system operating cost is currently, the maximum crucity of circulating water is in terms of energy consumption and severely compresses the profit margin. There are more equipment in the market in the market, and the cost is high. For example, constant temperature equipment, if your breeding fish is not well done, you need some thermostatic equipment to ensure water temperature, especially in winter, water temperature is generally cold, if your insulation is good, the corresponding equipment costs and the equipment The electricity bill can also be saved. 4. Four, breeding breeds We recommend considering the breeding variety and scale in the early stages of planning circulating water, it is best to understand the price of varieties, familiar with the market, this is a great help to choose breeding varieties.

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