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Factory circulating water farming is the main presented form of intensification concept, mainly divided into two moderate intensive cultivation models of land-based and sea, including land base planting, including intensive streaming and circulating water culture. Circulating water farming has advanced farming equipment, efficiency, breeding environment controllable, breeding production is not subject to regional space constraints, high breeding production, can guarantee product quality and balance, and good social, economic and ecological benefits, etc., It is recognized as the main development direction of the modern aquaculture industry. In recent years, with the increase in the transformation of industrial transformation, enterprises have strong demand for new industrialized circulating water farming technology, which promotes the rapid development of land-based factory cultured industry. However, due to insufficient research support, the industry technology highlights many problems in the development process, which has not been effectively resolved, causing the factories of a farming enterprise, the lack of key technical standards, the operating level is uneven, serious constraints The health is healthy and rapidly in the industry.
What are the main problems in my country’s circulating water farming? 1. The operating cost of factory chemical circulating aquaculture system is too high. Existing energy-saving and consumption reduction technology is limited in circulatory system based on biofilm nitrification. It is necessary to combine ecological engineering technology. Urgently large breeding, using the characteristics of climate environment in the southern region, constructing a circulating water breeding system with composite of artificial wetlands and plant facilities, and establishes optimized equipment systems, controlling the water source purification facilities of pathogens Biological purification system combined with ecosystems, the necessary digital monitoring system, and a perfect breeding process and management expert system to make the equipment system to achieve energy saving, water saving, and economical operation.
2, the basic research is weak
China’s research on the research of plant circulating water farming is mostly based on water treatment technology and equipment performance, and there are not many application fundamentals for breeding water purification treatment, corresponding to specific The material and energy revenue of the breeding variety have little studies, and the system’s construction and optimization levels are difficult to improve effectively; the circulating water farming is still simple to use traditional farming technology, and the aquaculture process technology premised on the equipment system and high-density hammer is not formed. Expert system instructing specific varieties for efficient breeding production has not been constructed, causing equipment systems to play the maximum effect, and is one of the factors that causing high system operating costs. 3, actual breedingThe degree is not achieved to increase the decision of the aquaculture is to increase the unit production in conventional production management, and improve the most commonly used income. High density, high output is one of the significant features of circulating water relative to other traditional farming models, and is also the main driving force for production enterprises’ investment in the application of circulating water farming technology. However, due to the fact that the circulating aquaculture fish density is not expected, the product cost is generally improved. Therefore, it is urgent to carry out high-density breeding studies in circulating water, or promote high-density breeding fish, improve unit production, and reduce production costs.
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