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Chicken chicken disease is parasitic in the intestines, causing chicken manure thin, egg yield rate, shallow egg shell, light egg, and a parasitic disease increased. This disease can occur in four seasons in the past year, in 6 to November. The history of aphid disease is more complicated, requires one or two intermediate hosts, mainly ants, bacon, flies and some molluscular animals to propagate hosts. Once the disease is infected, the production performance of the egg chicken will be damaged, which has caused serious economic losses to the majority of farmers.
Chicken is infected with mites in the middle host ants, flies, beetles, 蛞蝓, tether, etc. infected with mites, and contact these intermediate hosts will not infect aphids. Due to the cause of the chickenhouse, the main flies can be exposed to the cage of eggs, so it is clinically distributed with auxiliary tiles and funnel belt aphids. Due to the contact of the torch and the tether, it will not be infected with Dai Wen.
In addition to coccidia, the cage of the egg chicken is the chicken mites, because in the summer and autumnal flies, the chicken is infected with a tounvine in a fleect fly. Chicken nematode, chicken insects are spread directly, and there is no need for an intermediate host. Caged egg chicken does not contact the ground, the infection chance is very low, so the cage of the egg chicken is focusing on the cocktock.
Tench prevention and control
Regularly deworming: 60 days old young chicken, 120 days of primating egg chicken, various deworms once. Adult egg chickens in 5 and April each prevention of deworming once. Due to the summer and autumn season is the middle host flies and a large amount of breeding season, it is the stage of dewant infected aphids, so in August is especially important.
Biosafety: Chicken manure is often removed, fermentation treatment to kill the eggs in the eggs. Flies began to breed season, add cyclophropatidine, inhibit fly maggots, and regularly kill ants, gold tortoises and other beetles, reduce intermediate hosts.

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