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B super test pregnancy is a very popular technology that can detect whether it is pregnant for more than 20 days after breeding; but this technology is not everyone to do; There is a salesman selling B-ultrasound, just lose a business because you don’t understand technology.

At the time, the boss was the accuracy of the B-ultrasound, allowing the breeder to drive out several mother pigs, let the salesman personally detect; and the result of the salesman is pregnant, the other two Pregnancy; but the three-headed three-headed three-head is a pregnant sow, but the pregnancy is not the same, the two heads that have not been measured are a large sow.
Say this story means that we use B-ultrasound, not only to measure the sow of small age, but also be able to measure the pregnant sow.

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Let’s talk about the original amount of pregnancy.

We know that the fetus has been bubble in the birth of the fetus; when using B-ultrasound, it will show black in the water or aqueous solution; ultrasonic waves have a black; This is the main basis for detecting.

However, there is not only aqueous solution in vivo, which is also aqueous solution of aqueous solution, tissue liquid, urine, inflammatory liquid, etc .;, when B is determined, it must also be able to distinguish the difference between fire water and other liquids. And distinguish between them is to see the volume and site of the liquid.
When the embryo is between three to five weeks, the end of the embryonic individual is very small, and there are many fetal water. At this time, the black is a dark black, and the shell angle length is short, the embryo position is more concentrated. Therefore, the displayed image is a relatively close number of black gardens, and the image is most obvious. However, as the age is increased, the end of the embryo itself increases, and the color of the embryo is grayed.It is not that obvious, and it is also divided; and in the late pregnancy, the fetal skeleton begins to calcify the calcification, and the bone image shown in B-ultrasound is white, and the bones can be seen.

The area of ​​the blood vessel is small, which is generally not easy; the bladder is generally large, and it is not the same position with the uterus angle, and it is easy to see; if it is an uterine inflammation, it is often a large piece of gray, too Can be separated.

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This is two small aged images; the previous one is 23 days old images, which is a plurality of black gardens; the next is 35 days of age, black The area is increased, and the quantity is reduced. 4.jpg

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The accurate part of the B-ultrasound is different from the reserve sow and the sow.

Recommended mother pig test gestational bits: The diameter of the mother sow is on the back of the nipple, between 5-10cm from the sow, the sow is adjusted to the direction of 45 ° toward the spine. Visit.

After the birth of the mother pig, the second on the back of the sow, the second pair of nipples to the fourth pair of nipples, the sow is 45 ° between 5-10cm from the sow, 45 ° to the spine. Direction to adjust the visit. That is to say, the reserve sow is slightly rearward, and the sow is slightly rely before; with the pregnancy age, the width of the pregnancy is increased.


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Displays the measurement site.

The left picture is a longitudinal surface, rightThe side chart is a cross-faced surface; the portion and angle of the measurement is displayed.

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Let’s take a look at the sow reproductive system. Next, the location of the uterus angle is displayed above the side of the end of the papper.

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This is a few different aged B-ultrasound images, which are 18 days old, 23 days old, 26 days, 28 days.


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These four diagrams, the first two are images of pregnancy 32 and 35 days; the left corner is an empty sow image, and the lower right corner is an endometrium The image of the inflammation, there is a lot of black regions on the map, but is not concentrated, but in a number of small black blocks.

We just introduced some truths, truly master this technology, or rely on actual combat; as the saying goes, you will have more tests, multi-test, more summary, will become a test master. Source: Liu pig Author: Liu Dewang

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