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The boar is already the most common work of the pig farm, but this technology is very different for different types of pig farms; because of different ages The operator’s requirements are different.

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The boar is going to help the pig production and economic benefits;

The first is that the pig farm can do planning; if it is this Hand, a boar can bear the breeding of 25 to 30 sows, and if the artificial insemination, a boar can bear a hundred and even more sows; this will have too many boars can’t Say.

Secondly, after the growth of the boar, the growth rate and feed remuneration will have a significant improvement; despite the introduction, the non-polling boar may grow high and the feed reward is high, but is limited to the small weight stage. If the boys are mature, the growth rate and feed remuneration will have a significant decline.

After the third, the boar is going to go, the temperament will become more tamed, the fight is reduced, and it is more suitable for grouping; and the fight is reduced, and some unnecessary energy consumption is also avoided.

Fourth, this is the most important thing for boars, that is, it can improve the quality of meat after going. Whether it is a boar or a mother pig, the body will have some odor, especially the hook of the adult boar, will seriously affect the polarity of the meat, and the economic value of meat is reduced.

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With regard to the potential operation, the pig method for different age is different; the following is the process of work of piglets after weaning.

The operator stepped on the side of the animal, left the left foot, stepped on the tail with the right foot, pinch the bottom of the scrotum with the left hand, push the testicles to the top of the scrotum, and disinfected. The right hand holds the knife to cut the scrotum, extruded the testicular extrusion, squeezing the sheath ligament, fragmented, remove the right testicles; then cut the scrotum in the same mouth, remove the other side testicles, remove. The scrotal incision is disinfected, extruded out of the urine in the urethra. In the above operation, there is a plurality of anatomical nouns; the scrotum, the sheath ligament, and the spermato; since the sheath is relatively strong, the pig is large, and there are two methods. First, use the knife to cut off; there is another way to take the knife to take the testicles, cut the testisum, and the testicles are very profitable. Direct removal, so you can cut it less powerful, no need to cut it with a knife. .

Many pig farms have begun to go to the ground during 5-10 days, do not need to put pigs on the ground, directly clamp the pigs directly, two hands can be operated, this speed is very fast .


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This is the picture of the boar reproductive system. It is very helpful to see a few times before going to the potential. When you go, sometimes you will find more bleeding, sometimes it will bleed; this is to go to the trend to enter the knife. There is no choice. Generally in the back of the scrotum, the skin is thinner, often bleeding less; the cutter is different; novice often uses a knife, the knife is very long, bleeding is more laborious; if it is used The knife directly tested, and the testicles will be ourselves from themselves.
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