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In Beijing, there will be such problems, and the pigs in the breeding in Seven August are very low, the lowest is even less than 50%, which affects the production. Very big; some people have met like this, these areas are more than one month compared with the summer cool area.

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The reason why the baby is low in the summer is very simple, that is, the external temperature is high, leading to the heat of testicular heat, the sperm metabolism is strong, the life is shortened; when the breeding, the semen of the boar shot, or dead or The proportion of malformation sperm is very high, and the rate of fetus is impossible.


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Let’s take a look at the anatomical diagram of the testicles; the epididymis is a place where the sperm is stored. It is an organ consisting of most twists and turns, one side connected to the vascular, and the tachone of the testis is connected. . When the sperm leaves the testicles, they will run to the epididymis and continue to grow mature. 4.jpg

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Solving this problem, that is, the idea allows the rivers testicles to heat and heat, more specifically, that is, the effective temperature of the surrounding testis.

The first method is to make the ambient temperature at which the boar is lowered, and the air conditioner can be used. It can be used.Spray cooling can also be; the temperature of the boar is low, the testicle heat is loose, and the life of sperm will also be extended. When it is breeding, the qualified sperm can be provided, and the tire rate is improved. The second method is to indirectly reduce the ambient temperature; such as a pig farm design a pool to the boar, when the hot boar is lying in the pool, the temperature of the relevant part is Reduced. Some pig farms are often water spray in the ground, and the surface moisture is evaporated, and the surrounding temperature is reduced.
Some pig farm conditions are poor, and it is not possible to do it. However, if the boar house is not allowed to continuously, the pig house temperature or the peripheral temperature of the pig is also helped to heat dissipation.
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