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The limb hoovenosis is a problem that we often encounter in pig production, but because there are many types of limbs, if the identification is wrong, the treatment is very poor, even It is very important to identify which causes caused by the end of the difference.

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Foot-and-mouth disease is a very serious limb disease, the sooner of control of the mouth-on-front disease is, but many people have ugly in the mouth or hoof. It has only been found that many pigs have been infected at this time; but if it is found when just happened, it is easy to control.

The symptoms of the pareter trochive, we are very easy to distinguish, but the symptoms when they start, but they can also be seen; the first is the temperature rise of the disease, the feeding volume decline; , The pathogenesis is blisters due to the hoof, and the pain is increased. When it is often rugged, walking is shaking in the limbs, and is going to be able to see the symptoms of blisters.


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Calcium deficiency can also cause inconvenience of pig’s limbs, pig symptoms tend to have soft limbs, and even fork to both sides; the pig deficiency pigs are generally lost, However, due to inconvenience activities, it will also affect the feeding capacity. 4.JPG

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rheumatoid arthritis, will also be inconvenient to walk; but rheumatoid arthritis has a character, which is starting to stand the legs, but take a few steps It will be improved afterwards; and rheumatoid arthritis is often just a legs.

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The rigration can also cause pigs to walk, and the pigs of the rigration, often find that there is a ulceration part of the bottom of the hoof, some will make the meat exposed, due to rot The hoof is partially painful and walks unstable.

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The trauma is also one of the reasons why the pig legs are turned, but the trauma is often only the pain in the injured, and the pain is very strong. It is often not dare to land, this is The serious situation of seeing a wound.


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Because of the lack of biotin’s hooves. This situation often happens in the winter and spring mother, because the winter and spring season is naturally dry, pigs have increased the demand for biotin; the lack of biotin is a cumulative process, short time lack and must be Exhibits symptoms.

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Streptococcal arthritis is the most easy to identify the limbs, exceptThe traumatic pig area is separated, as long as there is a cockroaches in the joint, it is often a stream of bacterial arthritis; the vice pig bacilli will also make the leg joint swelling, but it is not as obvious like a bacterial arthritis.

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In order to facilitate everyone to argue, I organize a form that can be distinguished by form.

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