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We often see such a phenomenon during breeding or extension of sows, when the exquisite is pulled out, it will come out of a large pile of white tissue liquid, and there is a smell. This is the specific manifestation of endometritis.
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What hazards have endometritis?

If the sow has an endometritis, it will appear repeated infertility, and severe people will be eliminated; this is very large for the pig farm, and the production manager came Say, it will mean the decline in production results; so endometritis must be paid attention to.
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What is the cause of endometritis? There are two main points here, one is a pathogenic invasion, and the second is the loss of the protection of the endometrium.

First, let’s take a pathogens; before we mentioned that the reproductive road of sows, general cervical ports will be closed, and the pathogens cannot be entered; but in estrus or production, the cervix is ​​open The pathogen will take advantage of it; so there are two times in endometritis, one is a breeding, one is a production. And these two times are not inevitable. If the vascular is strictly disinfected during breeding, there is no pathogen, and it is not infected; when you have a child, if you don’t bring your pathogen It is also very difficult to infect.

In both cases, artificial midwifery is the most important endometric inflammation.Ways; because of artificial midwifery, the disinfection of the arm is difficult to completely; when the arm enters the birthplace, it is easy to damage the endometrium, the inner membrane is damaged, and the protection function is lost.

In addition to breeding and production, if you have a sow, the pig environment is sanitized, and infection may also occur.
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Let’s consider endometritis from anatomical angle; this is the image of the sow reproductive system, you can see that the cervix is ​​very narrow, and it is under normal conditions.

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This picture shows the connection of embryonic and parent; the embryo and the mother are connected by the placenta, and the inner film of the uterine wall is directly in contact; if the endometrium occurs Inflammation, it is equivalent to cutting the passage of the embryo acquisition of nutrients; if it is infected when the fertilized egg is inserted, the fertilizer egg can not find the place where you can fall; these two situations will lead to the death of embryos; embryo death, The pregnancy is over.
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The causes and anatomical explanations of endometritis have been mentioned earlier. Let’s talk about how to prevent it.

The first item is to strictly disinfecting the procedures, whether it is a breeding or a production, it has to be strictly disinfected, so that the pig is in a sterile state;

Second, minimize midwise Because it is difficult to avoid the pathogens, it is also difficult to avoid damage to the production path;

The third is that if you must use it, it is necessary to rush to the uterus after midwifery.Infections that may exist in the palace, the fourth is to use antibiotics, such as filling antibiotics after cleaning the uterus, and preventing uterine endometritis is good; some pig farms require a lubricant with penicillin, At the same time, there is also the effect of preventing intimaitis, this method is worth promoting.
If endometritis has occurred, it is necessary to clean the uterus first, clean the infection; then use antibiotics to eliminate inflammation, and use nutrients that are conducive to endometrial recovery; Membrane will also be quickly recovered, so that the sows have the ability to continue to fulfill their duties.

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