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The purpose of pigs is to make profits, muscles are the most close to profit relationship, as muscles are the largest value in pigs, and muscles are also the lowest production cost.
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There are several problems here to mention it first.

Why is the smaller the pig, the higher the economic benefit?

Why is the pig to a certain body and early slaughter?

Why is the protein content in small pigs? And the lysine content is high?
Why is the past pork taste, and now the taste is deteriorated?

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Explains the above problem, we must understand the knowledge of muscles.

In the composition of muscle, the proportion of water is the largest, about 75%, 25% dry matter; in dry matter, the protein accounts for most, and there are also small amounts of fat, nucleic acid and sugar. Class; understand this composition, the above issues are easy to reply. Muscular ingredients change with the increase of pigs, when the age is small, the moisture content is large, and the dry matter content is small; also produce one kilogram of muscle, pig consumption is far away. Not far less than big pigs, so small pork production is lower. When the pig is growing to a certain weight, it not only changes the proportion of water and dry matter, but also changes in the dry matter, protein ratioCase reduction, the ratio of fat is increased; however, the energy required for synthetic fat is twice the synthetic protein requires more than twice the energy of energy, and the consumption value of fat is much lower than protein; with weight, the feed consumption is also increasing; When reaching a certain degree, the cost of feeding will exceed the price of the pig. At that time, the pig may be lost; so, the pig must be sold out before the cost is lower than the price, to ensure the profit of pigs; so the pig is reached The weight is going early.

The protein content in small pigs is high, and the lysine content is high, and it is also related to the changes of muscle components; pigs are mainly protein in the dry matter of the muscles, but the fat possession is very proportional; If the body is large, it is also a feed of high protein content, and the fat after protein is used to synthesize fat; because the price of protein feed is much higher than the energy feed, this is not costly.


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As for why the past pork tastes good, and the current pork taste is poor; it is related to the quality indicators of meat.

Measurement of muscle mass, there are several, meat, hydraulic, marble, pH, tenderness, flavor, etc .; the meat is gradually red, and pork in the child is Light red, the adult pig is dark red; normal pork chromaticity is bright red, the color of inferior pork is grayed down; the water supply means that the muscles keep moisture, high quality pork is hydroelectric, inferior pork is weak The same muscles are placed in open air, and inferior pork will keep moisture in the placement process, the weight loss is large, and the color is large; the high-quality pork is not, and the color of fresh pork can still be kept. Dali is a white-based size in the red gap, making the muscles similar to the marble pattern; the more obvious the marble pattern, the better the taste of the meat; these white points are fat to deposit into muscles, this is pig There will be it when you reach a certain body weight. And pH, tenderness is also an indicator of muscle mass; and flavor is related to feed species and feeding methods; different types of feed produced by pork taste, in the mountainsPigs, can eat wild grass in the land, some can also eat some drugs, such pork tastes far better than pure pork that eats feed. Now the price of pork is much higher than that of ordinary pork, with the improvement of living standards, people have eaten the idea of ​​eating meat to eating meat; as pig producers, must also change, production More quality flavor pork, we will also get more profits.
In the past, pork is more fragrant, there are several factors; one is too small when people eat meat, the meat is more fragrant; the second is that the pig is long, to slaughter, the muscles contain a lot The fat, color is the big lines we mentioned very obvious; the type of feed of the past pigs eat more, especially the hanger fertilizer method, the pig has a considerable time is grazing and crude, this has also increased Pork’s flavor; if we now also make the pig’s feeding time, it also allows pigs to eat weed weeds, which can also enjoy the aroma of pork past.

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