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The anatomical knowledge involved here is three points; the first is that the pig’s urethra and the reproductive tract is integrally in the outermost end, that is, when the input is inserted from the phenomen, it may be inserted into the vagina, It may be inserted into the urethra, if inserted into the urethra, the product is failed; the second point is the position of the urethra and the vagina, the urethra is under the vaginal; so the intubation is generally tilted 45 degrees; third is the cervical The spiral structure is convenient to lock the vascular head; but should pay attention to the championship to rotate counterclockwise.

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This is a simulated image that illustrates the condition of the transcendrier head is locked; the vaginal is narrower due to the relative adult pig, so the vaginal should be selected when expressing the product. Small models.


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Artificial transport will be affected by many aspects, mainly with the following aspects.

The first item is a boar’s stimulus; the spacing and smell of the boar can cause the sow to excite the sow, stimulate ovulation, improve the rate of reciprocity and the number of births;

The two are whether it is back; when the mating of the male sow, the boar is on the back of the sow, the sow has formed a crush condition, so the back is also improved by the reciprocity;

The third is the stimulation of the sow, such as pussy and breasts, etc., which is also advantageous to improve the rate of reciprocity;

The fourth is that the product is more than five minutes. Compared with the three minutes, the recipient ratio is clearHigh;

The fifth is to pay attention to the disinfection of the exjing, prevent the pathogen from entering the maternal pig production;

Sixth is to pay attention to the quality of semen, if the quality of the semen is unqualified, There is no effect in all the work before that, so it is necessary to check the quality before the extension.
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