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Many data introduction, pigs do not eat colostrum is difficult to survive; explain this problem, we must talk from the pig’s placenta structure.

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Let’s talk about the functions of pig colostrum; pig’s acute milk refers to milk within three days of production; with respect to normal milk, pigs have four functions The first function is to provide nutrients, the primary breasts contain various nutrients needed by piglets, such as proteins, energy, minerals, etc .; the second function is to provide immune antibodies, which is one of the differences from other animals; Other animals also have this function, but pigs are more important; the third function is easy to digest, and the ingredients of raw milk are combined with gastrointestinal functions suitable for the newly born piglets. All ingredients can be completely digestive as piglets; fourth The function is to have a sprite, which is convenient for the discharge of the fetus.


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Why is pigs do not eat raw milk? The most important factor is that the pig is born in the body that there is no immune antibody in the body, and the antibody that must be provided by the raw milk can resist the invasion of foreign pathogens. Why is there no antibody when the piggy is born? This is about to start from the structure of the placenta.

Here is a noun – placental barrier; we all know that after the fertilized egg is in bed, the embryo is connected by the placenta and sow blood vessels, and the nutrition in the blood of the sow is transmitted to piglets through the placenta; But not all the ingredients in the blood of the sow can enter the fetus, but there is a choice, only moleculesThe amount is small to a certain degree of ingredients to reach the fetus, and the component of the molecular weight cannot be entered; we know that the immune antibody is protein, and the protein is a large component of the molecular weight, which will not enter the fetus through the placental barrier, so No immune antibodies in the new piglets.

With regard to the barrier, it is a kind of protection against piglets. Many diseases cannot enter the fetus, so some sows have infected the disease will not infect the fetus, and the fetus will not be infected after birth; only fine viruses It is a sow, which is also because of a small amount of a small virus.

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This is a picture of a blood circulation. It shows that the blood vessel of the sow uterine artery is not directly connected to the fetal umbilical band, but there is a filter layer in the middle, the fetus has After the selected absorption, it entered the umbilical vein.

Through this picture, we can also see another phenomenon, that is, the fetus is born, it rely on the umbilical cord blood vessels. After birth, the umbilical cord is disconnected from the mother, and the piglet lacks nutrient source. The channel; the nutrients in piglets are limited, so they will be used up; so the piglets are born, so as soon as possible, let the piglets eat rare milk to supplement the lack of nutrients. Source: Liu pig Author: Liu Dewang

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