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Pig’s artificial extension is now very popular; but many people don’t know the generation of seventy generations in the last century, my country has also popularized pig’s artificial production, but it completely failed. .

In 1999, when I started to contact the artificial extension of pigs, many old experts were skeptical because they failed.
Today, we will talk about the artificial transvestment of pigs through anatomical perspective, and there is a new understanding of artificial transport.

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First, talk about the artificial context of pigs.

The first advantage is to improve the utilization of excellent breeding pigs; if it uses this, a boar can only bear the sow of about 30 heads; but if it is artificial insemination, the boar can afford More than one hundred sows, the outstanding genes of the boar can affect the descendants of these 100 sows.

Second, it is possible to overcome the difference in physical size; for large pig farms, it can be optionally optional according to the body of boars and sows; but for small pig farms, the number of boars is limited; if encountered The big boar with a little sow, the little sow is often unable to never have a big weight; if it is a small boar with a big sow, it is often difficult to succeed.

The third is to reduce the dissemination of the disease; because now artificial extension uses a disposable virulence that has been disabled, it is difficult to bring the pathogens into the reproductive path of the sow; The boar itself is sick, and it will be transmitted directly to the sow through the penis.
In addition, artificial insemination can also be mating from different places; as long as the semen is transported from one place to another, the mating of boars and sows can be completed; for example, we want to use American boars and our mother. Pigs are equipped with improved, and they can arrive on the same day; but if it is incorporatedThe boar, it may take a few months, because the animals need to be isolated for a long time.

Of course, artificial insemination can also save manpower, material resources, financial resources, improve economic benefits; take a semen compared to a boar, it is too convenient; less boar, saves feed And saved manual and other consumption.

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But artificial insemination also has its shortcomings, which is the main reason for the failure of artificial insemination in my country in the last century. In the 1970s, several problems have occurred. The first is the increase in the endometritis of the sow; the second is low in the fetus; the third is that the number of production is small. However, these problems are not artificial insemination itself, but is not accidentally operating.
Endometric inflammation is because the last century is not the current disposable valence, but the rubber output tube is reused, but since the disinfection consciousness is weak, the conditions are limited, the sterilization is very disinfected. Not in place; if a sow is inflammation, it is easy to pass to other sows. The fetter rate is low and the number of production is small, except for the operation, it is also related to the semen quality; the dilution used is now strictly prepared, the quality is guaranteed; however, the dilution is temporarily prepared, if the raw materials The quality is not too much, and the quality of the diluent is difficult to guarantee.

So, various reasons for failure in the past, now it has been overcome, the effect of artificial insemination is not only more than this, but also has a big improvement. 4.JPG

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This picture shows the process of artificial product.

The first step, the spiral body of the front end of the fine tube is excellent, and it can be applied with a special lubricant; the second step, inserting the output tubeThe end of the helical body; the third step is to ensure the tip of the spiral form of the front end of the input tube is close to the back surface of the vagina; the fourth step, the spiral form of the front end of the input tube is rotated counterclockwise to lock the subtrous cervix; the fifth step, the semen tube The spiral shape of the front end of the input tube is connected, and the semen tube is raised to drive the semen flow.

Looking above the steps, artificial products are very simple, everyone is easy to learn to operate.
But in production, why is there a high tire rate, a lot of children, healthy sow? And some people have low in the fetus, the number of children is small, the sow is infected?
About this problem, we will discuss these problems by anatomical knowledge, strive to make everyone can master the skills of artificial insemination and improve production results. Source: Liu pig Author: Liu Dewang

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