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Winter respiratory pathogenesis, temperature and temperature difference are one of the reasons, but more important reason is poor air quality, because in many pig house temperatures are not low, the respiratory disease is still hard to control. How to improve the air quality, now there are two ways to conduct air circulation; one is natural ventilation, one is mechanical ventilation; no matter which ventilation, as long as the method is proper, it can improve the air quality. purpose.

This is a naturally ventilated picture, the air is entitled from one party, discharged from the other party; because the air temperature inside and outside the pig house is different, the air is different from the pig house, the air inside and outside It will carry out natural exchange, high temperature and the old air is discharged, while the temperature is low and fresh air. But if the venting is in the same direction, the air entering the pig house is quickly discharged, and the air in the place where the exhaust is far from the air is not replaced, and it will cause local ventilation.

In addition, winter is ventilated, to consider the natural law of cold air to go up and hot air; when arranging the air, you should be in a high position, so that the cold air enters the pig house, first and The hot air is exchanged, and then it is blown to the pig body, and the stress of the pig is reduced. And if you directly enter the wind, the cold wind will blow directly to the pig; this truth, the last content has been involved.

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Let’s talk about mechanical ventilation.

The most common way is now using hot air furnaces, but the effect of different types of hot stoves is very different.

This is an internal circulating hot air furnace. After heat is hot with boiler, enter the warm gas; then use the fan to blow the heat of the radiator to the pig house, pigThe temperature of the house rose.
The biggest drawback of this way is that air exchange, the dirty air in the house can’t be rolled out, and the fresh air outside the house will not come; although the pig house temperature is not low, because the pig is in dirty In the air environment, the immunity of respirator has declined, it is difficult to resist the invasion of harmful pathogen.

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Another hot air furnace is an outer air blowing furnace, which is to heat the air, and then blow into the pig house, because these air is fresh air, the films inside It also discharged smoothly. It is also hot stove, which is very advantageous to the health of pigs, and the piglets are rarely respiratory. Of course, this way is because it is blown after heating the air, the amount of fuel is mostly used; but the loss caused by due to illness is slightly.


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Some pig houses have adopted an internal circulation hot air furnace. If abandonment, it will change to an external wind and hot stove, which will increase many investments, which is also a lot of pig people know that this method is not It is still insisting on use.

In fact, this situation is also solved. When the heating air is installed, it will succeed in the fresh air outside, and the fan is stopped when the fan is stopped. The air volume is limited; if the effect is better in the wind, it is better. Also, if a simple heat exchanger is installed in the wind, the cold air is entered from the pipe, and the hot air is discharged from the pipeline, and heat exchange is performed by the pipeline, saving some heat.

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For a pig farm, it is weak to install hot air furnace, or it can be used. Ventilation and ventilation method; below the other side away from the doors and windows, install a hole-in-hole PVC tube, and then do not have a wall to go through the wall, at the highest point of the pipeline, after the motor is started, The polish air in the house will continue to be discharged, and fresh air will enter the other places, which also played a ventilation.
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