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We introduce how to prevent respiratory disease; but in production, it is not necessarily to completely prevent the occurrence of respiratory disease. After the respiratory disease occurs, it is still necessary to consider treatment.
I encountered a lot of swine disease in many pig farms and summed up some successful experiences.
In the process of treating respiratory disease, I found that the medicine is not a good method; because the respiratory disease occurs, it is often accompanied by an increase in body temperature; after the body temperature is raised, the appetite of pigs is lowered. The amount of food is far lower than the healthy pig; the drug that is sick pigs can not reach the treatment amount, and there is no effect; if there is no other way to cooperate, simply use the medicine, many sick pigs still Will die. Someone will ask, why is it in charge of medication, the patient’s disease can control? The truth is very simple, that is, the pig is dead. If you don’t have a sick pig to take medicine, it is not going to take medicine. The pig group is of course a good condition; but everyone should not forget that there is a considerable number of pigs die.
Water is added to the treatment of respiratory pathogenesis, because the sick pig is reluctant to eat, but drinking water is a lot of water; but due to less drugs in water, it is high, and the cost is high. At the same time, there is a lot of waste; so it is not particularly good.
Another treatment is muscle injection, which is the most reliable effect, but the workload is too large; if it is a large group of disease, it is often cured.
In treatment, we must consider the environmental impact, but also consider ensuring nutrition supply. When I deal with respiratory disease, it will often cooperate with environmental improvement, and give pigs better feed, which helps to recover soon.

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The following describes several successful examples of the respiratory disease.

A experience is to treat it in the beginning of the disease.

This is the way I am in Baoding Pig Farm. At that time, the ring virus was just in China, and the respiratory disease happened, and the effect was not good according to the previous treatment.

Later, we took a solution to centralized treatment while improving the environment; at that time, the technicians in the field were concentrated, and they were treated with conservation, overtime. At that time, every technician or employee was responsible for a pig house. In the pig house, it was found that there was a cough or gasp, first touched the marker with purple hydrazine, and then mysmia for muscle injection, and several long-term antibiotics were used. The next night, I was observed, I found that the coughing pig continued to take a needle. Later, it was found that several antibiotics used at the time were effect; this is because the disease is in the early days, the low resistance of pigs is also relatively strong, and the effect is better after combining the drug. After three days, the respiratory pathogenesis of each pig house was significantly reduced, and the feed was added to the feed, and the time was basically controlled.

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The second example is to take a confused therapy. At that time, the situation of pigs was very poor. The five hundred piglets in the pig house have been eliminated more than 150 years, there is more than 300; but these remaining pigs are only one-third of normal. And one-third of pigs basically do not appetite. In this case, we have adopted full group injection. We divide these pigs into four parts, each part uses a drug combination, to the next day; to the next night, we divide the pig group into two parts, then use a good drug combination to continue treatment; On the third day, compare these two combinations, the whole group uses the best drug combination. Thus, after two days, the status of the pigs improved significantly. Most pigs returned to normal; so we added nutritional drugs in water, and the pigs were basically rehabilled.

Why is it called a confused therapy because I can’t diagnose what is disease.


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Finally, we summarize the contents of the previous stage.

First, it is to establish a concept of supporting the defense, raise, pigs should have less onset; nursing a comprehensive nutrition, appropriate environment and place management; relative to preventive and treatment, the cost of raising is also the lowest. Second, it is necessary to pay attention to dispersion; there is no stress, the resistance of pigs will not be reduced, and the violation of various pathogens can be effectively resistant; but because some stress cannot be avoided, then we can open these stress A separate stress, pigs still have the ability to respond. Third, in treatment, it is necessary to use a network of treated treatment; including therapeutic drug, enhance the nutrients of resistance, reducing environmental factors of stress, and take measures, the effect is the best; if it only rely on drugs Insufficient resistance, plus environmental stress continues to happen, it is difficult to cure.

The final should pay attention to the role of maintenance; the three-degree management seven division of the ancients is reasonable, not only for people, the pig is equally applicable to the pig.

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